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It’s been a while since posting. I can’t get my head around why I’m so reluctant to do the energy work and preparation that has always worked for me. Once again I’m writing that I’m missing the soft whispers that come in riddles at the point of wakening. I’m really trying to be the person I’m directed to be . As for OBEs , well , if I’m not prepared to put the effort in what else can I expect. However, something beautiful happened a few weeks ago and yesterday I want to record.

I had got used to seeing four wild dogs everyday outside our apartment. We would watch them daily in a pack starting off barking loudly to find each other than walking together or finding shade in the bushes and sleeping. Having gone through temperatures of over 40 degrees they were licking the ground where a tap had been running, so sometimes I offered water. One of the dogs only had three legs and as I approached with water I was mesmerised by its eyes. Looking deeply in I felt such sadness.

Days later gun shots were heard early morning. We were told they were culling the wild dogs in the area as this was a tourist area and children would be frightened. They could harm them.

I understood but silently hoped that these four were okay. Two days later three of dogs return but it’s the three legged dog that was missing. I would sit on the balcony looking out daily but - nothing.This left me very sad and angry. That it was discriminated because it only had three legs or it just couldn’t run fast enough from the gunman. Day before flying home to UK I lay in bed having come to terms with this. Feeling sad I questioned in my mind everything. Where is the consciousness of this poor dog. What if thats it , finished, gone.

I sent out a wish / a prayer , that if the dog is in spirit please look after it with much love. My last thought was that I would never see this dog again.

Then came the best bit. After this I got up, made a big mug of coffee and went to my normal seat on balcony. After about twenty minutes I see a figure far in the distance. It was hobbling. As it got closer I saw that it was the three legged dog. I was delighted. It was all by itself. It didn’t even bark to find its friends. It hobbled across two roads and came and stood right in front of the apartment . Stood looking up at husband and myself for about a full minute then just turned round and walked away in the direction it came from and disappeared in the distance.

Beautiful, I needed this.

I just wonder where the thought came from for the dog to decide to come to the apartment?

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