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Nursing Babies

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It’s been a while since posting. I can’t get my head around why I’m so reluctant to do the energy work and preparation that has always worked for me. Once again I’m writing that I’m missing the soft whispers that come in riddles at the point of wakening. I’m really trying to be the person I’m directed to be . As for OBEs , well , if I’m not prepared to put the effort in what else can I expect. However, something beautiful happened a few weeks ago and yesterday I want to record.

I had got used to seeing four wild dogs everyday outside our apartment. We would watch them daily in a pack starting off barking loudly to find each other than walking together or finding shade in the bushes and sleeping. Having gone through temperatures of over 40 degrees they were licking the ground where a tap…

queenie of tats
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A special place for our guest, Susan, to express themselves ...


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