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Jesse Bruce
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Human life is largely misunderstood...

By the gift of earth are we provided with flesh - by the gift of aether are we provided with soul - do we experience a world shaped by the effort of both realms.

Through root, bark, and leaf does the flesh and soul connect us to the consciousness of earth and aether - provide us with anchored mind and tethered meaning, this potential of animal - to return on their investment (a proxy - by way of progeny), the means to exchange in the living wealth of both realms.

So it is revealed, that our experiences send back - through the networks - that give and sustain our form of existence (our name) - the sustenance intended to nurture them - and in return, nurture us - individually and collectively - above, below, and throughout.

In that which one experiences - so too do we all.

Consider now how one becomes what one consumes... In such a context, surely it 'only be just' that we return - as a matter of duty and respect and out of loyalty and honour - all that is good to them? This is what it means to be awake. In the eyes of existence, this is what it means to be mature.


Be mindful of your experience - for it is not just yours to do with as you please.

Take responsibility for your experience - so that you may be mindful of what you give back to the community of earth and aether; all that belongs to them and us all. Expand your ability to experience - so that, at any point of time, you may choose how to be, and give back more effectively. Do this, and I promise that life will respond with many blessings upon you and all that you care for. Be well.



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