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Though this has been slightly revised - someone seemed spiritually lost and it inspired me to write them the following. They appreciated it and I thought others might appreciate it too. This wisdom has helped me, so, I hope, this may help you.

In much of our lives (especially when we are off track), too often do I find that the very best thing to do, for a time, is to remove yourself from the hum-drum of life and relax, quieten down, and 'listen'. Listen not with what we can hear, but more with what we can translate, through feeling and intuition, to those inner gentle voices that we trust, but all too often, out of ignorance, ego, and distraction, pay them with little to no attention. And since they are of our own heart and can clearly 'see' more than we can see, they are thus better able to consider what is best for us in the context of us all. After not much time really, it has always occurred to me that their light, in the quiet of the dark, does come to inspire us toward the right path and action. This is actually a skill that every one of us should develop, mindfully, so much so that, in every choice we make, be given every opportunity to consider what 'they' have to say before we so impulsively disregard them. In this we can provide the ego with the opportunity to develop the respect it needs to consolidate our relationship with our higher self so that we are, as much as possible, choosing, in whatever it is that we are about to do, in alignment with this greater nurturing cosmic force of nature that we have access to.

Before every choice we take, allow there, first, the gentle light of grace.

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