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Jesse Bruce
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There is no greater power than life. Life is the golden dragon serpent within. You cannot stop the dragon, but the prismatic keeper does determine its course, whether you are conscious of it or not, toward that which you find important, and toward that which you find meaning in, where, by your keeper's will, take charge into your being, and like alchemy, be transformed, through one of the chakas, into a child of the dragon, to affect you, in any number of ways, through feeling and impression.

From there, how the children of the dragon express themselves, depends entirely on the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of your ruler. Your ruler holds the golden rod that, through influence of your keeper, orders the being into action. So, I hope that you see, real or otherwise, if your ruler perceives threat, and your keeper is convinced of that threat, then, like a feedback loop, will charge the dragon and its children upon you, to ready you, and impose upon your ruler to do, in whatever way you are able, to deal with such threats - even if that be, if the extent of your ability, is to deal with such threats through rumination, concern, or sorrow - for by the divine covenant, one's dragon must flow. This be true for addictions and other disorders, too. Thus, if you wish to master self, then you must indeed be a wise ruler; one who knows, not just the language of the keeper, but the language of all worlds, so as to be able to consult with all pieces of the self, and work together, to utilize the dragon's power, in a way that benefits the totality of one's being, and the cultures therein, for the good of us all, and the dragon within, to rediscover the sacred fragments, rebuild the golden tablet, and be whole and home, anew, once again.



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