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In my FREE Energy Work Primer, you will learn:

  • How to feel your energy for the first time.

  • How to awaken your chakras.

  • Techniques to rejuvenate meridians and energy centers.

  • Access the “Greater Reality” of astral and spiritual planes.

  • A critical foundation for astral projection, clairvoyance, and psychic self-defense.

  • Literally any human can learn to do this.


  • Video Program: Watch online anywhere.

  • Companion Workbook: With tips and advice.

  • Course Membership: Lifetime access to course.

  • Forum Membership: Open discussion, no initiation.

A completely free masterclass for new energy workers… Try my safe, effective techniques to awaken your energy body and raise your consciousness for the first time​.

Experience my revolutionary system of energy work…

Dear Friend,

A truly universal system that anyone can easily learn and apply. It utilizes the kinesthetic senses – the sense of touch and body awareness – to stimulate and develop the human energy body and its centers.

Awaken your body’s energy centers and move vital energy throughout your body.  Explore your tactile senses to raise self-awareness to greater levels. Enhance your vitality and self-healing ability. Understand and connect with the Source and your place in the universe. 

My proven system is very easy to learn, and my practical, step-by-step approach will help enable you to feel and move energy during the very first session.

Take charge of your energy body, transcend spiritual plateaus, and accelerate your evolution as a spiritual being as you learn energetic methods to awaken the spirit within.

Experience an awakening, energizing, and empowerment of all your spiritual and healing practices, for deeper, more meaningful attunement in your meditation or yoga routines, in your energy work on yourself and others, and in your daily life.


I made this program free because BATI (Body Awareness Tactile Imaging) is the cornerstone of all of my work, all of my technique, in all of my books and in all of my programs. I firmly believe that everybody in the world needs to learn how to do this. It has so many uses…

BATI energy work makes everything work better. From Qi Gong, Tai chi, Healing, self-healing, out of body experience / astral projection – anything energy related works better, including intimate physical relationships, once you know how to connect with your energy body.

This beautiful universe we all share is the physical expression of Source energy and consciousness. On that level, all living and non-living things are intimately connected. The human energy body interacts with this rich tapestry of energy.

This Energy Work primer starts at the very beginning and thoroughly walks you through everything you need to learn, teaching you how to connect with your own energy body and its Chakras along the way.

Everyone without exception can learn how to do this in a very short time. I have successfully taught some 5 year olds the basics of this system successfully. It just takes a little guidance and practice to get started.

In this free program we will thoroughly walk you through some simple exercises that will connect you with your own energy body; helping you to move energy, to stimulate your energy body and it’s chakras – and anything else you want to do with it. There are a great many ways to use your energy.

And once you can do this, you have just taken your first step into a much larger and more dynamic world.

Enjoy the program…

Best Wishes,

FREE Energy Work Primer

Robert, I had the pleasure of attending your Energy Work seminar in Perth a few years back. As you know from our recent conversation on the phone, I have been using your New Energy Ways techniques for 7 months diligently and fully raised my Akasha Kundalini on multiple occasions, and even three times in one day. Thank you for helping me to center myself and stay sane through this profoundly life-changing experience.

Nathan Stanford | Verified Member

Get the course.

Everyone without exception can learn how to do...

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