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  • How do your products work?
    Many of our products act like different memberships that provide access to unique content and features. Some memberships provide lifetime access to content while others require a monthly subscription. ​ To purchase a product: Click here or select 'Products' from the Main Menu (at the top of the page). Once the page has loaded, scroll down to the product that interests you. From here, you can add the product to your shopping cart or read more about the product. You can add more products to your shopping cart if you wish. Then, when you are ready, complete the checkout process to confirm your purchase. And that's all there is to it! The successful purchase of any of our products will grant you instant access to their contents.
  • Do you have any payment plans available?
    We do not yet have a reliable method to support payment plans at this time. However, only if it is supported in your area, you may be able to use PayPal's 'Buy Now - Pay Later' method on our checkout page. See PayPal's 'Pay in 4' button on the screenshot of our checkout page below to know what to look for. If you don't see the button then that feature is not likely supported in your area. You can find more information about PayPal's PayIn4 here: Buy-Now-Pay-Later Please not that we are looking for better solution and we appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • How can I access my products/account?
    Please note that, on the old website, if you previously owned any of our products (excluding the Free Energy Work Primer course), then your new account with us is likely waiting for you. To access your products, use the same email that you used with us in the past to reset your password and log into your new account. To access your products: First, ensure that you have logged into your account (at the top-right of the page). If you have not logged into our new website before, then please reset your password to log into the new account that we have provided for you. Otherwise please go ahead and sign up for a new account. Click here or select 'Products' from the Main Menu (at the top of the page). Once the page has loaded, scroll down and select the product that you wish to access. If you have access to the product, then our smart system will automatically present you with a button that, when selected, should direct you to its contents. ​Please note the following: If you only had our Free Energy Work Primer product, then you must recreate your account. Click here to subscribe to our Free Membership Plan to access the course again. If you had other products, but can't access them, then our system may have become confused. Sometimes this happens when work is done on the website. Try logging in and out again to refresh the system and see if that fixes the issue. If, despite the above, you still can't access your products, then we may have missed something during your account migration. Please contact our support team below and provide us with the proof that we need (emails, invoices, order numbers, and etc) to find your products, confirm your claims, and assist you.
  • I have an account but lost my email. How do I log in?
    Contact our support team (using the button below) and provide us with any details to prove who you are: your full name, addresses that you might have used, email addresses that might be associated with your account, and any receipts or correspondence that you have had with us, would help us get you and your account back into action.
  • Where can I get the Audio Companion for your Mastering Astral Projection eBook (Brainwave Generator)?
    You can purchase the Audio Companion CD on Amazon, by clicking here to go to the page directly. We understand that this might not be the best solution, so we are working on a way to make this product more user friendly. Thank you for your patience while we sort this out.
  • How can I cancel my premium subscription?
    Please follow these instructions to do so: 1. Make sure that you are logged into your account. 2. Reveal your member menu by selecting your profile picture at the top right of the page. 3. Select "My Subscriptions" and then wait for the page to load. 4. Expand the subscription that you want to cancel by selecting the arrow icon to the right of it. 5. See the image below to find the "Cancel Subscription" button and cancel your subscription.
  • How can I make my membership within this community more private?
    You can make your profile more private by making it invisible to other members. However, by doing so, you will be unable to comment, like posts, follow members, and you will leave any groups that you have joined. If you still wish to proceed then please follow the directions below: Make sure you are logged into your account. Click on this link to go to your account page: Scroll down and expand the 'Profile Visibility' setting to select and follow through with the 'Make Profile Private' link.
  • How can I block, report, or unblock other members?
    To block other members and prevent them from engaging with you, please follow the steps below: Make sure you are logged into your account. Go to our members page: Locate the member that you want to block. Select the '3 dotted menu' next to their profile. Select 'Block Member' from the drop-down menu. To report other members and alert us to whom you think we should investigate for misbehavior, please follow the steps above, but in step 5, select 'Report Member', instead. To unblock members: Make sure you are logged into your account. Click on this link to go to your account page: Scroll down and expand the 'Blocked Members' setting to configure the list of members that you have blocked.

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