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In Raising Kundalini, you will learn:

  • How to completely renovate your energy body.

  • Ignite a full Kundalini release.

  • Awaken clairvoyance & spiritual genius.

  • Clear painful energy blockages.

  • Tips for Initiations by Ascended Masters.


  • Video Program: Watch online anywhere.

  • Companion Workbook: With tips and advice.

  • Course Membership: Lifetime access to course.

  • Forum Membership: Open discussion, no initiation.

Learn my proven techniques to raise your Kundalini… How to ignite your Chakras, turbocharge your energy, and have the ultimate spiritual experience.

Introducing humanity’s FIRST official guide to opening the root chakra, igniting the serpent of fire, and raising kundalini… And ANYONE can do it!

Dear Friend,

I have some questions for you. Be honest with yourself as you answer them…

  • Are you scared that raising kundalini is too dangerous?

  • Have you tried energy work, but never saw any results… and you felt skeptical about whether it’s even real?

  • Have you felt desperate for a REAL guide to kundalini awakening… a course that will actually show you how to do it, created by someone who’s actually done it?

Now let me ask you this…

  • What if YOU could develop all your psychic abilities and have the ultimate spiritual experience?

  • What if YOU could be one of the rare humans in history to accomplish this legendary transformation?

  • What would it be like for YOU to pioneer the next phase of Earth’s evolution?

I’ve raised my own Kundalini many times, and even helped others do it. I am stating factually that YOU can raise your Kundalini too.

We are both human. If I can, you can. I am not “gifted”.

Now here’s my answer to the question on everyone’s mind: does raising Kundalini pose a health risk?

The no-bullshit answer is yes…

If you plan for your Kundalini Awakening in advance, it’s not only safe, it’s fun and EXHILARATING.

But it’s ONLY a risk if you’re unprepared. That’s called “premature” activation.

Is it dangerous to climb a mountain? For a total beginner, sure. But when you adequately prepare and plan your climb, it’s not only attainable, it’s EXHILARATING.

Furthermore, I firmly believe that activating your kundalini is necessary if you want to reach the summit of human spirituality.


Humans are a funny species. For some reason, they tend to continuously make the same mistakes, and almost never learn from them. It’s insane.

When we as a group of living organisms decide that we’re ready to enter the next stage of our evolution – we can. Kundalini is the high-powered catalyst waiting in the wings.

As in all bold and ingenious endeavors, there will be naysayers, skeptics, and fear mongers who try to stop our success. Sadly, these poor fools are ignorant and inexperienced. And when it comes to a topic as important as kundalini, the only experts who have credentials to speak with authority, are the adepts who’ve EXPERIENCED it.

Real Reason #1: They Believe That Only “Special” People Can Do it

Let me make this as clear as day: you do not need to have special mutant X-men genetics to do this. Nor do you need divine “ordainment” before birth.

You already possess all the technology you need inside your energy body.

Does a climber need permission from a deity to scale a mountain? No.

Real Reason #2: They Lack The Adequate Preparation

This is absolutely crucial.

You will NEVER succeed with kundalini awakening unless you lay the proper foundation beforehand. This means prepping and priming your major energy centers and central channel with specific chakra-strengthening techniques.

Letting a stream of the world’s most potent psychic energy run through your body without reinforcing the “plumbing” first will guarantee injury and illness.

Real Reason #3: They Try To Activate Kundalini Through Visualization

Here’s the bottom line: visualization is WEAK. Despite what you might’ve read in New Age meditation books, visualization has almost no lasting effects on the energy body. And it certainly won’t awaken the serpent energy from dormancy in your base energy center.

To make a permanent impact on your energy body, you need to use tactile energy work techniques. In my estimation, one minute of tactile energy work is equal to an hour of visualization, or more. It’s incomparable.

Real Reason #4: They Think It’s A “One And Done” Event

I had thought a human being could only activate their kundalini once and it was over. But, as I discovered, that’s false. The truth is, you can continue to raise your serpent energy as many times as you like, each time magnifying the power of your psychic abilities.

I was shocked to find out through personal experience that we could repeatedly ignite Kundalini, because I had never read any accounts of this from ancient mystics. Again, this discovery reaffirms my belief that very few people have ever consciously awakened kundalini, and that we’re truly at the cutting edge of human evolution.


Imagine a world where each generation of children learns effective energy work techniques in school, so that by the time they are young adults, they’re adequately prepared to awaken their kundalini, and experience a massive evolutionary transformation.

Picture a society where everyone is spiritually enlightened, fully psychic, and working to achieve immortality and perfect health. What would it be like to be on a planet where all its inhabitants are living in harmony, and peace and prosperity are the norm?

To accomplish this kind of spiritually advanced civilization, we need to harness the magical, evolutionary energy of kundalini. And it starts with you. You must be the change you wish to see in the world by activating your serpent energy.

In general, 3 specific phenomena will occur when you succeed:

1) Upgrading Your Energy Body, Unlocking DNA, And Using More Brainpower

As the powerful stream of serpent energy ascends up your central channel, it will strobe each energy center as it passes. This will look and feel like intense explosions of light. What’s happening is the chakras are literally transforming into a new shape and higher level of psychic functionality.

You will remodel your entire energy body.

2) Awakening Clairvoyance Instantly

Your Third Eye energy center will strobe a flash of light that blinds you for a split-second, and when you immediately regain sight, you’ll have the 3 Clairvoyant Powers:

  • a. Viewing auras in this physical reality.

  • b. Seeing directly into the astral plane.

  • c. A high-definition vision screen appears inside your mind’s eye, on which you can watch psychic movies streaming from the Akashic Records.

I got all 3 Clairvoyant Powers from energy work and Kundalini activation, and so can you.

3) Igniting Creative Genius, Spiritual Enlightenment, And Possibly Immortality

If the clairvoyance wasn’t enough to change the rest of your life, you’ll feel supremely inspired to take up a medium of artistic expression. You’ll also find that you’ve miraculously acquired a natural talent for it. Mine was writing.

Beyond this, there are rumors in the lore of ancient mystics that anyone who fully activates kundalini becomes immortal. Could this be from the upgrades made to your energy body, or unlocked DNA? I don’t know, and I’m not old enough to test if this is even true yet. But as far as I know, all the old mystics have died, so perhaps it’s merely speculation.

But what if harnessing kundalini energy is the missing link to immortality? If only modern science cared enough to investigate…

The benefits you get from kundalini awakening are clearly amazing and totally life-changing. So what do YOU do to experience all this?


Raising Kundalini is the FIRST program to ever show how to actually trigger full-blown kundalini activation. It’s a new milestone in human achievement. I honestly believe people a thousand years from now will look back on it happily.

Raising Kundalini is your completely comprehensive How-to GUIDE for exercising specific energy centers, strengthening your meridians, and preparing your central channel for your first kundalini awakening. It will set you up for a lifetime of repeated activations, so you can continue reinforcing and magnifying your psychic powers. You will experience the ultimate spiritual growth in this incarnation.


  • How to open your Root Chakra and raise Kundalini effectively.

  • How to awaken the natural psychic powers of each primary energy center.

  • Core essentials of preparing your energy body for full Kundalini Awakening.

  • Tested safety protocols for minimizing health risks, and eliminating the dangers of Kundalini activation.

  • Proven techniques for “strobing” the energy centers, so they are ready to channel the torrent of Serpent Energy.

  • Recommended dietary habits for the healthiest, most vibrant energy body.

  • How to enhance the Creative Genius and prolong the Spiritual Enlightenment you inherit from your Kundalini Awakening.

  • Instructions for controlling your Clairvoyance, and harnessing the “Medusa Effect”.

  • Interviews with “ordinary people” who have raised Kundalini.

  • Techniques for using more brainpower and unlocking DNA.

  • How to raise Kundalini multiple times, to maximize evolutionary growth.

  • Secrets to becoming one of the few mystics to ever accomplish this legendary milestone in human evolution.


  • 12+ hours of video material: A complete guide to raising your kundalini.

  • Streaming online: Watch online anywhere anytime.

  • Companion workbook: With helpful tips and suggestions.

  • Detailed track listing: For quick access to re-watch chapters.

  • Forum membership: Get support when you need it most.

You can download my programs and watch them online from your computer, smartphone, or other portable devices.

Try my Mastering Kundalini & Energy Work program RISK FREE for 7 days. If for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 7 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund.

I strongly encourage you to act right now. Here’s why…

You’ve received this RARE AND UNPRECEDENTED opportunity directly from your Higher Self. There’s a REASON why you, of all people, are reading my words right now.

You were born to achieve this… remember that!


Raising Kundalini

Thank you for the opportunity to address your class of energy workers, and share what I experienced. 5 years ago I was suffering a harsh premature Kundalini Activation. It was an intense burning feeling in my Root Chakra that was so painfully distracting, I had to take off sick days from work. I could not sit down. I could not eat. I could not sleep at night. My wife’s friend is a yoga instructor and gave me your Energy Work book. I immediately set out using your grounding and energy circulation techniques. Within 15 minutes, I could already feel the fiery torrent of energy re-aligning up my Spinal Channel, at which point it burst out my Crown Chakra, where I witnessed a full Medusa Effect, as you call it. If it wasn’t for your Kundalini techniques, I have no idea what torment I would’ve endured. I honestly believe you saved my life. It’s been an honor to speak with you, and I hope your students find my story enlightening.

Rick Summers | Verified Purchase

Get the course.

You were born to achieve this...

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