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Free premium course! Introduce yourself to the foundations of my work by taking my FREE Energy Work Primer Video Course.



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People from across the globe and all walks of life come together to discuss the wonders of our spiritual nature in our forums. Come join us. 

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Join our FREE membership. Upgrade to Silver Membership and get more. Get my FREE Energy Work Primer. Join us in discussions on our forum. Learn from my FREE articles. Watch my video interviews. Take part in our Webinars. Submit your Questions.  Become part of our Spiritual Reformation community.

Robert Bruce’s Energy Work — “will add a depth to your life that you have never known before”

Eckhart Tolle

  • Proven techniques for astral projection and exploring the astral planes.

  • How to awaken your Third Eye to see auras, spirits, and more.

  • How to raise your Kundalini.

  • Tips for receiving guidance from your Higher Self.

  • Access to our forums.

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  • Higher Self: Harness the Divine Magic of your Higher Self.

  • Energy Work: Charge your chakras to awaken their powers.

  • Astral Projection: How to have Out of Body Experiences.

  • Kundalini: I ignited a full Kundalini awakening and you can too.

  • Psychic Protection: Defend against psychic attacks and dark forces.

Learn secrets that most people will never know about psychic and spiritual abilities with mystic Robert Bruce.

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