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Silver News & Super Human Strength And Demonic Weaknesses Part 1

Ho, ho!

We are fast approaching that jolly festive season again.

Thank you so much for your continued support and interest. It is a pleasure to write to so many of you.

We are planning to officially announce the launch of our website on the 24th of January, 2024! While we have lots of things planned, soon you and and other Silver Members, can expect to see and casually chat to me, live, through our website!

Now, despite the Christmas fervour, my newsletters do have a bit of a 'dark' theme to them at the moment, but that is because I am somewhat privately sharing with you what I am currently interested in. Like the effect that night and day has on nature, I hope you can also appreciate the profound within the ebb and flow of my life's adventures.


With that said, GYAH!, Rudolph, onward we go!

Rudolph Christmas decoration on tree.

Superhuman Strength is one of the things that makes exorcism so messy and so very dangerous. A possessed person can literally rip a brick from a wall with one hand. A twelve-year-old girl can easily and violently throw a large man across the room with one hand. This is why a Catholic exorcism requires the presence of at least eight large men in rough clothing. I have nearly been killed several times while learning all of this. So this is really great advice.

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