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The Secret Reason Humans Are Clairvoyantly Blind

Learn the secret reason most humans are clairvoyantly blind and what you can do to gain psychic sight.

The primary reason most people do not have clairvoyance, psychic abilities, or astral projection abilities, is that the default setting for humans is OFF. This switch is controlled by the Higher Self.

This keeps us all grounded so we can live happily here in the physical world. Imagine what it would be like if everyone were clairvoyant, and we saw auras and spirits and astral projectors, and heard spirit voices and noises all the time?

Life as we know it would be a MADHOUSE. We have a name for this condition. It's called...schizophrenia.

Most people are psychically shut down by default, until such time as they have the belief system and energetic stimulation to support these abilities.

The truth is that EVERYONE HAS FULL PSYCHIC ABILITIES. They are shut down by default, but this does not mean they have to stay shut down forever. Sometimes it just takes a big shock or a bump on the head to activate psychic abilities.

I interact with a lot of spiritual practitioners who are having problems with opening the Third Eye. And one of the things that I've noticed is that most of them has an EXCUSE - a "good reason" why things aren't "working".

The Secret Excuse...

Most people who aren't succeeding with clairvoyance carry around a "Secret Excuse" for why they're not succeeding... a Secret Excuse for failure.

For some it's fear, for some it's genetics, for some it's age, for some it's religious beliefs... and for some it's the place that they live, or family distractions, or simply a lack of time to practice.

Fear is a big issue. Fear of seeing things that will contradict beliefs, fear of being different, fear that other's will think you mad, religious-based fear of doing things that are 'unapproved' by church. The list goes on...and on.

What's YOUR Secret Excuse for why you don't succeed with clairvoyance at the level you'd like to?

Your Excuse Isn't As Much Of A "Secret" As You Think.

Here's the most interesting part of this particular phenomenon... NO MATTER HOW "PRIVATE" OR "PERSONAL" your Secret Excuse is, IT'S COMMON!

And guess what?

I know that there are MANY psychics in this world that have overcome the same situation and gone on to succeed with psychic abilities.

I think that the "Secret Excuse" is our way as humans of making it easier to avoid facing reality...the Greater Reality, that is. And also to stay grounded here in mundane reality and fit in with everyone else.

The Reason For Failure Is Inside Of Ourselves... It's The Way We Think And Behave And Believe.

But the PROBLEM with a Secret Excuse isn't the excuse itself... it's that most people don't know how to OVERCOME their Secret Excuse.

Secret Excuses can grow so powerful that we don't even realize the effects they're having.

If you believe that your Third Eye won't open because you can't visualize well, then you won't even TRY to open it. You'll just assume that it's no use trying.

This can lead to worse problems, like fear of meditation, fear of practice, fear of failure, fear of success. This all boils down to fear of change!

Secret Excuses can grow so powerful that we don't even realize the effects they're having.

When you decide that there is some big reason that is preventing you from success with clairvoyance, it begins to affect EVERYTHING in your life.

So what's the solution to this MAJOR cause of failure?

1. You need to identify your own "Secret Excuse" and look around to find examples of psychics who overcome the same "obstacle", and gone on to succeed with. This will prove that your problem is not irreversible.

2. You need to get an education on clairvoyance; how it works and how to activate it.

3. You need to realize why you are shut down and do something about it.

4. You need to start communicating with your Higher Self. This is like when you were sixteen and wanted to borrow the family car. Before your parents say YES you have to invest time and effort into learning how to drive. Only then will they hand you those magical keys.

It amazes me that you can walk into bookstores and find a thousand books on computers and auto repairs, but ZERO truly helpful books on how to activate your CLAIRVOYANCE.

Astounding...but it's true.

One of the reasons I've put so much time and dedication into figuring all this out is because I really wanted to know it for myself, as well as to be able to teach it better than anyone else.

If you want a WORLD CLASS education about spirituality, clairvoyance, psychic perception, and EVOLUTION, then I recommend that you invest in my eBook, "Evolution".

In it, you'll learn literally DOZENS of different concepts, strategies and step-by-step techniques for turning on your Second Sight.

You'll learn everything from how and why clairvoyance works, to how it will reveal the deepest parts of yourself, to how to see into the future, the past, and everything in between.

I propose two things:

1. You will learn DOZENS of things you didn't know and haven't heard before, ANYWHERE. I'm not kidding. I've pulled together information from many different areas... from science to my own personal experience, to advice from other spiritual practitioners who are successful with clairvoyance. This stuff will open your eyes in many ways.

2. You will be thrilled with what you'll learn, and you'll access more visual parts of your energy and reality than you ever knew existed. I am serious! In fact, I can do BETTER. You can try the eBook at MY RISK for 7 days, and if you don't like it, just send me an email letting me know and you won't be charged. Think about it, if you don't get value, then you don't pay. This offer is 100% serious, and it's "no hassle".

Bottom line: Go order your copy now. Let me help you get on the FAST TRACK to success with clairvoyance...instead of staying on the SLOW TRACK.

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