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Science on the environment shows that there is several times more water in the Earth’s crust than exist in all the world’s oceans. This, scientists say, is because water is actually produced by volcanic processes. And it is these processes that have produced all of the earth’s water over billions of years.

You have been hearing how the world is running out of water, caused by global warming or climate change. This is a lie. There is the same amount of water in the world as there has always been. Water, like energy, can never be destroyed. It can only change form, into liquid, solid (ice) or gas.

Please keep in mind, when you hear about water scarcity, that creating the senses of lack and fear are essential ingredients of mind control and mass manipulation.

Alternative science is science that does not fit the mainstream narrative. Science, however, is always open to conjecture – this is a fundamental rule of ‘science’. I recommend that you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. In a corrupt world, this is the only way to approach the truth.

Please see this website for a lot more information: The Primary Water Institute

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