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Jesse Bruce
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This morning, during meditation, I found embedded and obscured within the dense plasmic debris of my psyche, a glimmer of a sword in stone.

Reaching out with my awareness, I grabbed the weighty hilt, and by strain of will wrenched it free. There, revealed to me indeed, a mighty and glorious weapon, with a point so sharp it seemed that it could cut through to the heavens, and an edge so bright that it blinded my vision.

For a time I marveled at its weight, its balance, and form - when suddenly - volcanic sparks erupted and whirled in a desperate frenzy; clawing its way out of the left side of my abdomen were these hot electric fire-like tendrils that flailed and writhed in fear of my newfound might, of the sword itself, which, by some demand of its own - by some instinct for blood and order to defend…

Jan 07, 2023

Wow - what a fantastic experience Jesse 😎 I was also faced with the mythical sword of Excalibur a couple of times in my life - first I heard about it, when as a child I read about King Arthur and the nights of the round table, where King Arthur was able to pull the sword out of the stone where it was stuck. When I began my spiritual journey I was scared of my own spiritual experiences because the contrast between them and my earthly existence and the experiences of the people around me were so different that I did not know what to make out of it. and my Higher Powers helped me out by informing me that the myth of Excalibur says that the sword was so stuck in stone that even the greatest and strongest warriors could not lift it, but then came a hero/heroin to the stone and picked out the sword as easily as if it had never been stuck - and I was informed that the symbols in the myth of Excalibur were that the stone was a symbol of Mother Earth, the sword was a symbol of the power of discernment, and the hero or heroin of the person who had the capacity to lift his or her power of discernment from the earthbound to the higher realm where truly fantastic powers became available to the one possessing the sword of Excalibur 🎈



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