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2 Steps To Feeling More Confident Around Emotional Vampires

If you're at all like me, then you often have to deal with people who makes you stop and think - "Did they really just do that... or say that?" And you're left to wonder how ignorant or foolish some people can be.

When another person cuts you off, slights you, snubs you, gets one over on you, or betrays you in some way, it makes you feel bad. You feel it like a low blow. You can actually feel your energy leave you when this happens. You suddenly feed 'deflated'. When this happens, someone has stolen a piece of your vital energy. If this happens often, pretty soon you'll be exhausted and disempowered for no discernable reason.

These people are also of the same type that always bottlenecks your progress. They drive you crazy with irrational arguments, and you just know they are insulting you behind your back... simply because they're jealous. These are the Emotional Vampires of our world.

They are everywhere.

They unconsciously suck the vital energy out of you, and drain your stamina and tolerance on a daily basis. They make you feel uncertain and tense whenever they're around. They even do it on the telephone.

When you know how to deal with Emotional Vampires, you will feel better, look healthier, and be more upbeat and "yourself".

Here's how to be more confident when they are bothering you.

Step 1: Stop playing their game.

Instead of letting them set the frame of debates, where they can suck you into it their petty dramas, you need to take the initiative and set the theme and direction of all interactions.

Let's say there is a coworker who just gets under your skin and makes your hair stand on end every time they're near you. They are always trying to poke holes in your work and your ideas and generally make you look bad.

Here's what you do: DON'T FIGHT them. Don't argue or get defensive, or tell them they're wrong. As soon as you do this and interact with them directly, you are pulled into their dramas.

Most importantly, DON'T believe a word they say. Know that they are just so sad and pathetic that they spend time and effort trying to bring you down - it proves your energy is of a higher quality. This is why they instinctively want it.

Remind yourself how SILLY their immature and petty behavior is. Treat their voice like background noise in a busy shopping mall.

Use your sense of humor and completely ignore them. Remind yourself how SILLY their immature and petty behavior is.

Treat them like background noise in a shopping mall.

Actually laugh at it.

You do not have to learn how to get along with them. They have to learn how to get along with you. There is a subtle but important difference here.

Step 2: Focus on your strengths.

Your strengths could be your style and taste in clothing, or your knowledge of Classical music and poetry, or the fact that you can cook gourmet food, or play football well - anything that makes you feel confident and 'you'.

Focus on your strengths just long enough to feel good inside for a moment. Then go back to what you were doing.

Do this again and again and again. Make it feel natural. And it will become second nature to the point where you can INSTANTLY jump into a good state of mind on command.

If you keep doing this, you will form some very good mental habits.

You will grow stronger and your natural mental and energy shields will expand and solidify.

What energy vampires call 'being realistic' is actually a way of dragging people down into negativity and depression.

Do not allow this.

It is okay to be positive, or to have a different opinion.

Remember, your goal is not to get RID of your job, or the person causing you trouble, but rather to spend your time doing other things. As soon as you see their behavior as silly, and not just mean and threatening, you'll stop reacting with insecurity.

Soon you'll forget all about them. It'll be like "Oh, that old Emotional Vampire? Who cares?"

When you let Emotional Vampires run your life, to push your buttons and control your emotions, then that, too, will become second nature. It'll put you into a rut and keep you stuck there. And it will make it hard to get out of bed and go to work every day.

Emotional Vampires can set you on a downward spiral into worse and worse feelings, with more and more self-doubt, depression, and anxiety. They can seriously spoil the enjoyment of your life on all levels.

If you're having a hard time overcoming Emotional Vampires, because you're overwhelmed by their snarkiness and criticisms, and you're starting to believe their lies and negative judgments about yourself, and you're feeling exhausted and drained all the time, then be kind to yourself and download a copy of my eBook right away. It will help you gain confidence by giving simple exercises you can do to start seeing these things in a brand new way.

You'll start to change the things you say and think about yourself, and you'll start to believe that YES you can live the strong, upbeat, productive, spiritual and professional life you always wanted.

If you want this for yourself, click on this link right now and try my eBook today: Evolution

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