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Connecting With Your Higher Self

How to invite your higher self into your everyday life and hear its call loud and clear.

Are you a spiritual person with a lot going for you in all areas... except you've still not "gotten down" the whole 'Inner Master' Higher Self thing? Do you read books and hear psychics talk about the Higher Self, but you still don't feel like you've really CONNECTED with yours yet? Your intelligence and commitment to spirituality and evolution may be there, so why don't you "hear the call" of your Higher Self yet?

The truth is that professional success, and intellectual smarts are good things to have in the real world, but they don't necessarily draw your Personal Genius (Higher Self) in any closer to you. To be clear, they don't "hurt" your chances at all, but there is a good chance that these things are distracting you from noticing the signs of its presence.

Way To Fail #1 - Believing Your Higher Self Is "Outside" You

If you've spent time in the Modern World, then you've learned to be very external. This is the end result of many years of social programming. And this can be good! It's important to pay attention to the road while you're driving, or to watch your food while cooking, or to observe the steps as you walk down them, or to keep an eye on your bank balance.

But humans are not supposed to spend all their time focusing on the external world outside of themselves. And your Higher Self is not always going to reveal its presence externally in ways that will grab your attention. In fact, most of the time, it will makes its presence known INTERNALLY. For example, it may insert a thought inside your mind that motivates you to go to a specific store or coffee shop. And when you go in, you bump into an old friend. This old buddy of yours introduces you to their friend, and this person ends up becoming your partner in business or a relationship. This happens a lot, but rarely do we recognize the Internal Guidance that is at work.

Another example... your Higher Self provides you a dream of meeting up with your deceased parents, and they tell you they love you one last time, and it's exactly what you needed to encourage you to get on with your life, after grieving for many years.

Your Higher Self may give external signs, or internal urges and ideas.

"To see and hear the presence of your Higher Self, you need to go inside yourself, not outside."

Way To Fail #2 - Try To Blame Your Higher Self For Your Mistakes

Being a human being means constantly making decisions and learning from mistakes - not blaming other people, and certainly not blaming your Higher Self.

If that sounds odd, here's a new way to look at this: When a person is living their life, and going day to day, lots of times when they hit a rut, their first instinct is to blame someone else, instead of taking personal responsibility. They curse their "luck" or get upset that their Higher Self ... or God ... Isn't "looking out for them".

This kind of attitude is a sure way to "cover your ears" and block out the gentle sound of your Higher Self's voice as it calls to you.

Next time you're tempted to point fingers, remember that YOU are responsible for your life and that, consciously or unconsciously. YOU manifest everything that is happening in your life, and no one else.

Way To Fail #3 - Do Too Much

One drawback to being a smart and accomplished person is that you know how to get a whole lot done. It's just easier sometimes to drown yourself in work, rather than to settle down and open up to your internal guidance system.

To a busy-body, the ideas of "slowing down" or 'doing nothing' are counterproductive, almost like mortal sins. They think you always need to be going, going, going.

At one point in my life, I was more of a go-go-go kind of guy. I loved the feeling of achievement from checking things off my to-do lists. Over time, I learned how to harness this energy, while giving up the "need" to always be doing something. And now when I look back I realize that most of what I was doing was only busy work, and never REALLY benefitted me in the long run. This is what turned everything around for me. I learned to be quieter and to create a space inside from where I could listen.

In my eBook, I tell the story of how I did this - how I finally opened my eyes and started SEEING the presence and actions of my Higher Self in my normal waking life. You'll learn how to change the way you think about spirituality and the role of your Higher Self in your life. I'll teach you how to connect with it intimately, and draw its influence into your decision-making and everyday lifestyle.

I'll show you how to literally reverse the damage from years of doing it wrong as a spiritual person who spent too much time looking OUTSIDE rather than INSIDE.

You will read how doing less can attract more attention and action from your Higher Self. It's amazing, and it works. Read all about it and try my Tools when you click here to download my eBook and be reading it in minutes: Evolution eBook

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