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How To Create A Firewall Of Protection That Rejects Negativity

Robert Bruce shows you simple tips on how to protect your sacred space from negative energy.

There was a time when I was so sensitive and insecure about my energetic and psychic safety that I was constantly monitoring what was happening around me. I was tense all the time, and my family and friends could feel it.

I felt like I was surrounded by bullies in a schoolyard, always looking out for an oncoming attack. I was getting pretty paranoid at one point. Mind you, I had good reason for this at one time, which you will understand if you read my bestselling book 'The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook.'

It makes me cringe just to think about it. The learning curve was steep and painful. After all, I was a successful and strong guy in every other way. And yet, I felt completely at the mercy of whatever negative energy was in my room at the time.

What I had not yet learned at that time was that by not focusing on the positives, and by not putting effective energetic safeguards and firewalls in place, I was actually making problems worse by focusing on them.

"Your energy flows where your attention goes".

Why Focusing On Negativity Doesn't Work

After much confusion and head-scratching, I started to make headway. I realized that if energy sensitives pay too much attention to negative phenomena, they will start attracting it into their lives and actually feed it!

This has the opposite effect of what is needed to fix the problem.

Only by paying attention to and focusing on the positives, and coming up with positive solutions like energy shields and practical countermeasures, will you ever manifest the safety, happiness, and energy cleanliness that you deserve.

How To Set Up An Energy Firewall That Shields You

This doesn't mean that you are trying to block the spiritual world out of your life - not at all. On the contrary, mystics and psychics set up these precautionary devices in order to LET good people and things into their life - while keeping out the nonsense.

This is a SOUND strategy.

A simple and effective way to do this is to literally imagine a giant, thick, steel-plated box around your body that is designed to be impregnable to negativity, but while also inviting and attracting the flow of positive energies. This shield will grow stronger every day you reinforce it.

When you create such a shield, a magical thing happens: You find that you generally become a happier, more trusting and confident person, while the negative people, energy vampires and emotional train wrecks, simply CANNOT relate to you anymore. So they stop draining you and go elsewhere.

For step-by-step guidance in raising your self esteem and being open to positive growth in a way that will change your life, I want you to read my eBook, "Evolution: What You Need To Know About How To Be Successful With Spirituality".

I learned about all this the hard way. But once I learned and started putting these principles into practice, that's when my natural psychic intuition JUMP-STARTED - my astral projection skills SKYROCKETED - and I began writing book after book after book full of creative thoughts and new ideas based on real life experience.

I put my eBook together to share with you all the lessons I have learned on my journey to now. It contains everything you need to get help you feel confident about your energy health and mental integrity. And it will immediately improve your self-confidence, your relationships, and your state of mind.

You don't have to live with worry, fear and insecurity any longer when it comes to negative energies and entities. Download "Evolution" right now. When you start to apply the Tools in my eBook in your own life, you'll start to experience shifts in your attitude and your natural shielding will make you feel INVINCIBLE.

Click here to get your copy of the Evolution eBook

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