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How To Open Your Third Eye

Robert Bruce shows you how to stop trying to open your third eye and how to actually open your third bye.

I've learned a secret to opening your third eye that I'm to share with you right now.

It's a secret that few spiritual people know or will ever figure out on their own.

The REASON that most spiritual practitioners will never figure out this particular secret is that it's TOO OBVIOUS.

Let me explain...

Most mystics feel a very powerful desire to SEE energy.

If you watch the way we humans live our normal lives, it's obvious that we are primarily visual beings... our appreciation for art and beauty, watching television, sports games, reading books, seeing movies, etc.

Maybe you've noticed this yourself.

I know I have. Many times, in fact.

The feeling that you need to see energy and psychic information usually comes with another belief: IF I CAN'T SEE IT, IT'S NOT REAL. So not being able to see energy can seriously affect your beliefs. And your beliefs shape your reality.

Here are some signs that a spiritual practitioner is feeling the need to "see" energy and clairvoyant visions:

1. He feels envious of visual clairvoyants, and wishes he could do what they do.

2. She is fascinated by pictures of the energy body, and fantasy scenes, like fairies and enchanted forests.

3. He finds himself fantasizing about being able to help people with his heroic visual clairvoyant powers, and "saving the day".

4. She imagines people praising or thanking her for her "amazing powers".

5. It would be a dream-come-true from him to open his Third Eye and see an entirely new level of reality that precious few ever get to perceive.


And this urge to 'see' drives them to act in COMPULSIVE ways.

There's your first hint...

The Secret To Opening Your Third Eye

If you REALLY want to develop your clairvoyance, ACTIVATE YOUR THIRD EYE.

Remember at the beginning when I told you that I was going to share a secret with you about how to open your Third Eye that most humans will not figure out on their own?

Well, here it is:


If you will just STOP "WISHING" and start doing the things I'm teaching you instead, you'll NATURALLY gain this wonderful level of sight.

What To Do Instead

OK, so you're sitting in meditation and wishing you could receive clairvoyant visions...

What do you do?

Should you:

1. Get filled with frustration and envy and think of all the people who CAN do it, while you still can't?


2. Get to work. Picture an object in your mind, and begin practicing the simple act of basic visualization, laying the bricks of a path toward full-blown clairvoyance

What you do here depends on what your desired outcome is.

If you REALLY want to make a long-lasting impression, KEEP THE PRACTICE GOING.

Stop feeling "bad" that you're not a Gandalf the Wizard status clairvoyant after only two or three attempts. It takes practice, but it is doable.

"The longest journey begins with a single step."

There are other things you can do that will INSTANTLY enliven your clairvoyance... and I mean REALLY turn it on.

But these things aren't OBVIOUS.

The most IMPORTANT thing that you can do to gain Second Sight is start devoting your life to the powerful purpose of your own EVOLUTION.

This inner drive will FUEL YOU on your way toward psychic and mystical achievement.

And it's the one thing that will make your clairvoyance COME EASILY.

What's the best way to do this?

- Go download yourself a copy of my online eBook "Evolution", and read it. It contains literally DOZENS of great techniques for you to use that will make your Third Eye open up, turn on your CLAIRVOYANCE, and advance your EVOLUTION.

In this eBook I share a MAJOR MISTAKE that beginners ALWAYS make that makes clairvoyance almost IMPOSSIBLE. And as soon you recognize this, the clairvoyance wakes up magically - you'll see what I mean...

Get more info about my eBook: Evolution

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