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How To Raise Your Kundalini

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Robert Bruce shares knowledge from his personal experiences raising kundalini.

Kundalini is the Eastern term for an evolutionary energy that exists in everyone in the sacrum area of the physical body. It is known by many names throughout the world. Its single purpose is, when activated, to EVOLVE human consciousness to higher levels.

When you start working with Kundalini energy, it's CRUCIAL that your energy centers and pathways are strong enough to channel the Serpent energy. You may not plan to raise Kundalini, but it might awaken spontaneously anyway.


Only fools rush in to harness the most powerful energy source in the world just so people will think they are special - EVEN IF they think they can "handle it".

If you find yourself intensely curious about raising Kundalini, and are willing to "lay the groundwork" required for activating it safely and successfully, then read on...

The Anatomy Of Raising Kundalini

Kundalini energy is stored inside the Root Chakra. Like all chakras, it is shielded by thick energy webbing that deactivates higher Chakra functions by default.

The Chakra energy centers play a key role in enabling the energy body to safely awaken Kundalini energy, which is compressed deep inside the Sacrum at the base of the spine. To activate Kundalini, you need to DEVELOP and REINFORCE the Chakras first by doing regular work with them.

You need to STRENGTHEN the energy pathways running up and down, and all throughout the energy body, in between energy centers.

By "connecting" all the plumbing and "priming the pumps" you are getting the internal energy superhighways and generators ready to harness the intense force of enlivened Kundalini - this is like turning on a fireman's hose - all the stabilizing equipment must be ready for action and in place beforehand. This means Chakras and meridians NEED to be exercised, developed, fortified and made "game ready".

Full liberation of the "Big K" will activate psychic abilities and the expansion of consciousness. This is truly the pinnacle of energy work.

This evolutionary process is controlled by the Higher Self. Regular spiritual practices will, of course, raise the bar considerably and cause a higher level of evolution.

"Liberating" The Serpent Energy

One of the biggest discoveries I've made is that Kundalini can be raised MORE THAN ONCE - I've actually raised mine many times.

My exploration shows me that Kundalini is meant to be raised repeatedly and progressively developed as a permanent part of energy and spiritual practices.

Kundalini in the West has become THE JEWEL BEYOND PRICE...and appears to be just as unobtainable. Most of what is taught about Kundalini in the West is more myth than fact. But my new system of energy work changes that.

I've learned several hard-earned truths that I can impart:

Kundalini is not a 'do it once and it is done' kind of thing.

Kundalini is for ADULT energy bodies only - no children allowed.

To make it easy on yourself, you must "lay the foundation" by adequately strengthening the energy centers and pathways first.

The mind and personality must be balanced and grounded.

Kundalini is a profound energetic experience and it will trigger psychic abilities, spiritual evolution, and what is commonly called ENLIGHTENMENT.

When you're trying out techniques for chipping away at the shield webbing that holds back the Big K, you must pace yourself, and only move forward if you've stabilized all the other energy centers ... otherwise it can be destabilizing and even dangerous.

These tips should get you started...

...but if you want to MASTER this skill to the point that you can actually raise your Kundalini, I strongly advise you to get yourself a trial copy of my program "The Energy Body: Kundalini and the Chakras"- when it becomes available.

In it, I'll share with you killer tips on how to take control over the health of your energy body, how to train your "energy muscles" for Kundalini activation, and of course, how to actually tame the Serpent and Raise Kundalini.

Or if you'd like to pace yourself, and start with an introduction to Kundalini and the Chakras of the energy body first, my eBook, Evolution, will help you hit the ground running, and improve your success with energy work and spirituality - IMMEDIATELY.

I'm so confident my eBook will improve your success with energy work and spiritual development. For more info, go right here: Evolution eBook

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