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How to Remember Your Astral Travels

You're about to learn why astral recall is crucial and how to build a better astral memory.

I want to tell you a fact about astral traveling that most projectors will go to their graves not knowing.

It's the concept of THE MIND SPLIT EFFECT and how it affects ASTRAL RECALL.

Having a sharp memory is the most powerful thing you can do to enhance your astral projection.

Because most people quickly forget their dreams and astral travels, by rethinking your strategy and giving your memory a tune up you'll mazimize your Astral Projection recall ability!

The SECRET to improving ASTRAL RECALL is very counter intuitive. Just because you have an astral projection does not automatically mean that you will remember it after the fact. In fact, you have a 99% chance of forgetting your experience, if you do not understand how astral memories behave.

You need to understand The Mind Split Effect, and how to work with it and around it, before you can make progress with Astral Recall, so you will remember more of your Astral Projections.

What Astral Recall Looks Like

It took me a long time to figure out exactly how astral memories behave. Eventually, when there was no other possibility, it dawned on me. . . The Mind Split Effect. It did not help that no one had ever thought of this before.

Good projectors don't go on long jaunts into the astral planes. They deliberately return early to highlight and record their precious experience memories.

They don't try to rush through one adventure just to get to another.

One successful mind-blowing Astral Projection where you are conscious from beginning to end, with no break in consciousness, is worth ALL the all-nighters you have FORGOTTEN during your life.

As soon as the astral excursion is over, they take time out to debrief and decompress by documenting their experience.

Another realization I had is that just the fact that you are working on your memory will have a TREMENDOUS impact on its clarity. Its human nature to find solutions after we encounter problems, but its more productive to get sage advice and solve problems BEFORE they appear.

Any seasoned astral projector will tell you they are tortured by poor memory recall when it comes to their astral experiences. Astral travel memories are fickle and not like real life memories.

Astral memories tend to disappear without notice, then slip back into your mind, and then disappear again. . .just like dream memories. This is totally frustrating.

Just the fact that you are working on your memory will have a TREMENDOUS impact on the clarity and memorability of Astral Projection experiences.

Preempt The Problem Before It Starts

It's about preventing this difficulty in ADVANCE. I'm going to share with you some ways you can develop your power to recall astral projections and dreams. They work like magic to build a clearer astral recall memory.

#1 Tell Your Story - Record It Upon Your Return

Keep an ongoing journal, blog, or audio series of your dreams and astral travels

Avoid coming back to the physical world and rushing off into a new activity.

Relax for a while and take inventory of all the new things you have experienced and learned.

#2 Keep It Short And Sweet

Make it your goal to get out of body, and to keep the experience to 30 seconds or less. This MAXIMIZES your chance of remembering it!

Before returning to your body, charge your emotions with excitement to intensify the memory.

Get out of your body, take a quick look around the room, and then dive back into your body PASSIONATELY SHOUTING your success key words. . .just a few short words like "I walked through a door!" or "myhands melted!"

Extend your time out of body 30 seconds at a time, until you find your limit.

Plan simple and straightforward excursions, rather than long, complicated journeys. It's easier to recall short, sweet, deliberate travels, than long and complex journeys.

#3 Have Fun

Invite a friend to meet you on the astral to play tag, or hide-and-seek (anywhere in the universe!)

Shoot over to your best friend's house from the astral, and tickle them, or play a harmless joke - not everything has to be spiritually "serious" all the time.

Go visit the Akashic Records and learn whatever your heart desires.

Visit the Moon, and then start on the other planets.

Having fun while you astral travel is just the ticket to making your experience MEMORABLE enough to recall years down the road.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg... Over the years I figured out many effective techniques that help to create stronger astral memories.

And every time you DON'T follow these instructions and use astral recall methods, all the hard work you invested into the astral projection is wasted - because you're doomed to forget almost everything, just as with most dreams.

You can figure it out for yourself and send me an email saying, "yep, you were right" - but that might take many years, just like it took me... OR you can save time and read my eBook "Evolution" today - and learn today how to develop a razor sharp memory for enjoying astral projection for the rest of your life... and beyond.

What Happens During An Out of Body Experience

You never completely leave your physical body during an out of body experience. You generate an energy copy and project that.

Your physical body and mind are NEVER left empty while you still live.

The moment you project from your physical body, you will be conscious in both your physical and your astral bodies simultaneously.

Your two aspects are attached by energy cords, so you can't get lost, but they operate completely independently.

The physical body mind will be tired and quickly slide into deep sleep. When this happens, your returning astral body can't awaken your physical body to reintegrate and download its memories. Several hours later, when you naturally awaken, your astral projection memories will usually be gone.

The above information is PURE GOLD to any astral projector!

This is WHY astral projection is so difficult to remember. Because the reintegration and astral memory download is very tricky.

So, how can we work with or around this process?

By using TACTICS, that's how.

Your time limit out of body is set by how long it takes for your physical body mind to fall into a deep level of sleep. This happens very quickly for most people.

Writing down KEY WORDS after any dream or astral projection provides an ASSOCIATION MEMORY that will help you to remember.

If you do not remember an astral projection... it never happened!

Time out of body is STRETCHED.

Don't'll have plenty of time to have fun. One minute in the astral planes is like a few hours in the physical universe. Time also slows down during Real Time projections, where you are like a ghost in the real world.

These may seem like small things to do, but they will change forever the level of success you have with out of body experience...and beyond. It did for check out my eBook now: Evolution eBook

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