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How To Turbocharge Your Energy Centers

Learn how to turbocharge your energy centers within 3 minutes.

I perfected the art of energizing the Chakras some years ago.

If I'm meditating, I can excite and enliven my energy centers in just a few minutes.

Using contemporary Western methods, including translated Eastern methods, I discovered, is very hit and miss.

My new Tactile Imagine Body Awareness methods change all this.

Visualization techniques will only work for you if you are ACCIDENTALLY connecting with your kinesthetic senses. In this case, you will be accidentally performing a type of Body Awareness Tactile Imaging as a part of your exercise. This is great for the few who are 'accidentally' doing this, but if everyone spent a little time learning my new Body Awareness Tactile Imaging system, everything would work much better.

When you work on your energy body for the first time, your energy centers are often sluggish or inactive. It's like they won't respond to you - no matter what you do.

Using Body Awareness Tactile Imaging is not only easier, but it gets far more positive responses. It's almost as if your energy body is DESIGNED to react to this, as well as the emotional impulses of your inner feelings, rather than visualizations alone.

Remember...your energy body is "hard-wired" to your neurology.

Here's How to Turbocharge Your Chakras Fast:

After I've induced a trance state, I'll turn my attention to my energy centers and begin generating strong visceral feelings in their exact location with my focal point of Body Awareness.

At first, the IMMEDIATE response of the energy center you are working on may surprise you, and the new sensations and feelings may feel weird, but go with it. Some will activate easily, and some can take a bit more work to activate.

Everyone is wired differently and has different beliefs to work through. For most people, some Chakras will activate easily, and some will take more work.

The energy body and physical body are directly connected through their neurology, which acts as the interface feeding data back and forth...and since your neurology is wired up and down through your body for the sense of touch and FEELINGS... it only makes sense that generating STRONG visceral sensations in your neurology will have a TREMENDOUS IMPACT on your energy body as a result.

When you do this, the stronger the feelings you manifest, the stronger the influence you have on the energetic activity of the Chakras and meridians and supporting structures. It's really just a stimulus-response model.

The magic of Body Awareness Tactile Imaging is that you can MOVE THIS up and down through your body, going from Chakra-to-Chakra-to-Chakra exciting and harmonizing all of your energy centers.

The results from this type of energy work are long-lasting, and sometimes you'll feel the stimulated energy movement continuing on auto-pilot for HOURS afterward. Chakras will continue to be active, and energy will continue to flow, until their work is accomplished.

Do you need to shut down your Chakras after activating them?

NO. You do not need to do anything to shut down your Chakras.

Chakras will deactivate naturally once you stop working on them and get up. They will sometimes stay active for a while, depending on what is happening with them.

They may, for example, be healing or replenishing a part of your energy body.

This should not be interfered with.

Trust that your body's intelligence ... YOUR HIGHER SELF - will look after you and not allow you to break anything.

There is a widespread Urban Myth in the West about this issue that states that you must close your Chakras after opening them. But if you actually work with your Chakras this makes no sense at all.

You CANNOT deactivate a Chakra by reversing the action you used to activate it. This is just logic. If you try this, you will only cause MORE STIMULATION.

I've gotten to the point where I can do this in a few minute - no kidding!

In other words, it's a MUCH more powerful way to improve, exercise, and heal you energy body. It took me a LONG time to figure out this simple move, but it works like magic!

Like I said, I've tried all kinds of things. And I've literally done this thousands of times. And I use this exact method every time I do energy work or meditate and want to activate and harmonize my energy centers, like musical instruments.

Note: Try it sitting down with a straight back. Maintaining good posture helps enormously with energy work. The straighter your spine is, the better your energy will flow.

And if you're reading this and saying to yourself, "Wow, I want to get MORE of these tips so I can energize and harmonize my Chakras," then you really need to go get a free trial of my Evolution eBook.

I'll share with you the secrets that hundreds of thousands of my readers all over the world are using right now to improve the health and vitality of their energy bodies. You'll learn how to key into each Chakra, how to amplify its energetic resonance, ways to harness its unique power, and much more.

It's time for you to get this part of your life handled - so you can sit down ANY time confidently, and IMMEDIATELY increase the liveliness and dynamism of your energy body. In my eBook I'll show you EXACTLY how to do this, step by step... and a whole lot more.

Go find out how to download your copy right here: Evolution eBook

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