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Igniting The Power Of Your Heart Chakra

Robert Bruce shows you the secret to igniting the power of your heart chakra.

When I first started our trying to master the secrets of energy and spirituality, one of the first things I did was to read a wheelbarrow or two of books. But I did not find anything really useful ... no direct instruction that worked. It was the same the with mystics and psychics I observed.

I got a lot of good ideas, but had to work it all out for myself.

My first live instruction on achieving an altered state went something like this: "Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few long, slow deep breaths and let spirit guide you into the silence."

To be honest, this was a bit like trying to hatch an egg. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I did this every day for many months and finally it just started to happen, meaning I started slipping into altered states. But, wow, it would have been so much easier if I had been given clearer instructions.

It wasn't until I accidentally discovered Body Awareness Tactile Imaging, using my FEELINGS, that I achieved CONSISTENT success.

After working with your Chakras for a long time, you'll realize there is something special about the Heart Chakra - it's UNMATCHED in terms of intrinsic power. So when you combine the power of Body Awareness Tactile Imaging ... using your FEELINGS - with The Heart Chakra, you've got a recipe for AMAZING energy work.

I'm about to share with you the secrets of the heart center, the differences in the way it works.

"The Power Of The Heart Chakra"

After discovering Body Awareness Tactile Imaging - KINESTHETIC FEELINGS - based energy work, I started keying into my heart Chakra and it absolutely BLEW MY MIND how powerfully it responded.

It's as if the heart center is the "core generator" or "brain" of the energy body, like the engine of a car.

In a moment of dawned on me - an epiphany ... "I get it."

You heart center radiates loving and healing energy. By learning how to harness the power of this Chakra, you'll gain control over your love life and personal health...and much more.

The trick is to tune into the resonance of your heart center, and AMPLIFY it by generating strong visceral feelings deep inside of it.

Here's a PARTIAL list of the intrinsic powers of your heart center - pay careful attention to each one:

It naturally radiates loving energy in a very wide radius.

Your heart center is always PUMPING out rich loving energy from wall-to-wall when you are inside a room. It's constantly generating this energy - and it's EASY to influence people when you're able to tune into and channel this radiance.

It's the MOST POWERFUL energy center in the energy body.

Harnessing the tremendous capabilities of the heart Chakra will add an almost endless amount of fuel to the fire when doing self-healing, healing, or manifestation work.

The heart center is part of a structure in the chest that connects everything together.

The heart chakra has front and rear and side aspects to it, and is connected to the large central channel that flows up through your body from top to bottom. There are multiple LARGE energy pathways extending out both the sides of this Chakra, which exchange energy through your arms and hands and up and down throughout the rest of your body. Learning to control this flow of energetic nutrition, both into and out of your body, puts you in charge of major resources.

Healing energy and love energy are similar in energetic frequency.

The heart center is the body's producer of both healing and loving energy. It so happens that these two kinds of energy are VERY similar in resonance. By directing this energy production, you gain control over your personal love life, enhance your body's ability to heal itself, and your ability to project healing energy to help others.

This energy-engine is HIGHLY responsive to intentions and emotions.

If your Higher Self had to exist in a part of your body more strongly than anywhere else, it would be your Heart Chakra. Your heart center is ULTRA-reactive to your impulses and emotions - and this is why it's SUPER-responsive to NEW Energy Ways feeling methods. We key right into this center with our feelings, and rev it into overdrive, like driving a Ferrari on a racetrack.

Take a minute to review these powers - find ways you can "internalize" them and make them your own.

When you do, you'll find you "automatically" start gaining control over your heart Chakra - and you'll notice substantial changes in your energy body. This will also affect your personality in many positive ways.

Of course, what I shared with you here is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

If you really want to learn how to master working with the energy of your Heart Chakra and directing your healing and loving energy, you need to get yourself a copy of my "Evolution" eBook.

It's a world-class education on how to succeed with energy work and spirituality - not just on how to do techniques, but on EVERY aspect of the game.

You'll get an entire section on where to do your energy work and how to approach it - along with killer tips and tricks for stimulating your energy centers, awakening your Kundalini, and seeing auras and energy fields. You'll even learn how to make spirituality a "normal" part of your life, rather than a novelty - all without suffering through the decades of frustration that I endured.

You'll also learn how to develop yourself into a living spiritual practitioner. You'll radiate happiness and positivity which attracts love and luck into your life, no matter what your external circumstances.

Go here right now: Evolution eBook

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