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Immune System connection with natural psychic shielding

It has been a year since we filmed the sections in Defense Against Dark Arts, relating to wheat and gluten issues and how they affect the immune system and natural psychic shielding. In this time, I had a timely health crisis that caused me to search for unorthodox solutions. I had type 2 diabetes and severe cellulitis with a staph infection in my right lower leg. Unhappy with the prognosis, I searched for a solution on the Internet and let my higher self-guide me. I found a solution when I discovered Dr. John McDougall’s YouTube video called, The Starch Solution.

I instantly changed my diet to oil free vegan, mostly organic, high in starches, as recommended. The results have been miraculous. In the year since, not only did my leg heal, but I lost 40lbs, and my blood sugar went back to almost normal, plus some other minor health issues also went away.

To be clear, this diet has no calorie or quantity restrictions. If you like to eat a lot, it is the perfect diet. You can eat unlimited quantities of potatoes, beans, rice, pastas, breads, vegetables and fruits, etc. It is difficult to eat enough of this diet to maintain your minimal lean weight.

It all comes down to the calorie density of the food you eat.

  • 1 gram of potato or bean or rice or bread (carbohydrate) contains 1 calorie.

  • 1 gram of table sugar contains approximately 4 calories.

  • 1 gram of vegetable oil contains approximately 9 calories.

A good example of how this works is a salad. Imagine a large man-sized salad. On its own, there are approximately 100 calories in the salad. However, when you add dressing, which is 2/3 oil and 1/3 vinegar, the salad now contains 500 calories. You do the math.

So, if you are eating food that contains hidden quantities of vegetable oils, like almost everything that comes in a packet, then you are probably consuming way more calories than you thought you were – not to mention preservatives (antibacterial agents) and other additives that will kill off your gut bacteria.

I am very much enjoying my new diet and the huge range of foods I can eat. I love to cook, so this was also an interesting challenge. My taste buds have also changed and now I crave foods that are very different than what I ate before. I am currently having a passionate love affair with apples and pickles and Kalamata olives.

The health and obesity problems of the modern world come directly from the food we eat. Eat better food with lower calorie density and you will lose weight and become a lot healthier. Autoimmune disorders like arthritis and related conditions will also disappear. Most modern diseases will respond to this diet.

I can only give you a thumbnail sketch here, but I recommend you go to McDougall’s website, where all the information and countless recipes and advice is freely available.

I also noticed some other changes, in that my both my immune system and my natural psychic shielding grew much stronger. I work with many people that have neg issues. I passed this information along. An informal study, if you like. The results were quite amazing. People’s neg problems either went away or significantly reduced over time. This shows, as I have suspected, that there is a direct link between the gut biome, which is the seat of the immune system, general health, and the body’s natural psychic shielding. This makes sense, as we evolved on this planet amidst a great many neg spirits of various types. It makes sense that we humans would have developed psychic shielding in response to this stimulus, over millions of years.

A further interesting development came a few months after I went oil-free vegan. My wheat intolerance disappeared. I can now eat bread of any type, with no side effects. The bread I can eat must be oil-free, of course, which can be a bit of a challenge in the modern world. But I have found a few storebought breads, mainly oil-free sourdough bread, made of wheat and rye and combinations. I also make my own sourdough bread at home.

I have to say that it appears that it was not so much an allergic response to wheat, but a generally suppressed immune system, that was causing my wheat/gluten intolerance all along. This is not generally recognized, of course, and I can only pass along my own experiences, as well as those people I have been advising and working with.

Key to this issue is vegetable oil, first developed during WW1. All processed vegetable oils suppress the immune system to some extent, some more than others. For example, during the first kidney transplants in the 1950’s, they used purified extract of Safflower oil, injected, with 3ml (about half a teaspoon) suppressing the immune system enough to prevent rejection of transplanted organs. This shows that this is a significant effect and not something to be ignored.

There have been many studies over the past century showing this immune suppression effect, with the earliest I could find being done in the 1930’s. Many more since then show conflicting results, mainly funded by vegetable oil companies, as you would expect from modern science, which has been extensively corrupted in the modern world. The vegetable oil industry is enormous. It is the most powerful corporate group in the world; far more powerful than the Atomic Energy Commission, for example.

I have seen solid evidence of there being a direct link between vegetable oil consumption and serious disease, including cancers.

I don’t think that everyone needs to go on an oil-free vegan diet to realize weight loss and better health and disease resistance. I do think that processed vegetable oils and margarine should be eliminated. Remember, they used only half a teaspoon of purified Safflower oil to suppress the immune systems of kidney transplant patients. So, you’ll need to read every label in order to minimize vegetable oil in your diet.

There is a good case for eating a diet like people ate before processed vegetable oils were introduced in the 1930’s. If you look at photographs and films taken around this time, you’ll notice that everyone is slim and fit, and cancers and other serious diseases were rare, even among smokers. The only thing that has changed since then, diet-wise, and all GMO issues aside, has been the introduction of processed vegetable oils. This includes Canola oil, which is highly processed GMO Rapeseed oil; an oil that is best avoided… like the plague.

And what did they eat back then? They ate meat and seafood, grains and vegetables, and cooked with lard or bacon fat, or butter or ghee. They also ate burgers and hot dogs and pizza, but with no vegetable oil added. Olive oil was only used for salads. Their diet was very similar to what people eat today, minus any trace of processed vegetable oils.

Fish oils are similar in the way they suppress the immune system. This is why they are so effective at helping with things like arthritis. Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, where the immune system is rejecting part of the body, causing inflammation and pain, etc. So, fish oils suppress the immune system and alleviate pain.

Again, I can only give a summary of my own experiences here. Please check out the links given above for more information on this subject. I recommend that you do your own research on this on the Internet. The truth is out there, hiding in plain sight.

*I will update this article with links to research over time.

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