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Kundalini and Ascension

The way of personal experience, as The Master told me many years ago, is The Way Of The Master. This is the path to ascension.

Kundalini becomes involved in The Way Of The Master at some point, as does OBE and psychic abilities.

When persons ascend, they are not ‘taken up’ or dissolved out of normal physical reality. Their perceptions change, as their beliefs and understandings ‘align’ with the Higher Self and the greater reality. This is essential because the Higher Self exists in absolute truth in The Now, as Eckhart Tolle says. It is because of this that, if you want to align with your higher spiritual divine intelligence, you must live in actual truth in all ways.

Normal people have incredibly mixed beliefs about life, and especially concerning spiritual reality. The non-experience driven beliefs increase the distance between people and their higher self. So, obviously, if you plan to ascend and enter The Greater Reality, you absolutely need the closest possible alignment.

Analogy…. Imagine that a normal person’s energies are like a crowded ear-splitting rock concert and that his/her Higher Self is like a tuning fork toning a beautiful clear note. The Higher Self is obviously drowned out by the chaotic noise. The process of cleansing the belief system removes one instrument at a time, and then the crowds, until enough silence is created whereby the Higher Self note can be heard.

Once you are aligned as closely as possible, your Higher Divine Self begins to manifest more closely in everything you do. This includes the downloading of any creative information you need, whether it be music, poetry, science, spiritual truth, psychic perceptions, or revelations.

This process is related to The Creative Inspirational Process. It is well known that creative musicians, poets, writers, scientists, anyone with any kind of creative work, downloads information from the collective consciousness. This works ‘because’ beliefs are not involved. So your belief system cannot get in the way. But for anything else relating to the spiritual understanding of life and your self, having a disciplined truth based belief system is crucial. This is, btw, how I came to be, and how I access ‘inspirational’ information regarding my work.

The process of cleansing the belief system is given here: The Catch Basket Concept


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