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Mistakes with Clairvoyance That Screw Up Psychic Readings

How clairvoyants screw up psychic readings and how to avoid making these beginner mistakes.

Many spiritual practitioners write to me, asking how to become clairvoyant. Many questions focus on doing psychic readings, or clairvoyant viewings.

Let me share a concept that I feel is VITAL to understand, if you're wondering how to develop your clairvoyance and open your Third Eye.

A Mistake Many Clairvoyants Make

I've noticed a KEY difference between the way skilled visionaries and rookies read people.

Seasoned psychics act in a way that can be characterized as:

"I am emotionally detached and I let the information show itself as I watch passively."

Newbie clairvoyants usually act in a way that can be characterized as:

"I am so interested in what I'm watching that my emotions are biasing the information. I only see what I want to see. Guesswork fills in the blanks"

In other words, seasoned veterans are usually casual and laid-back when they're doing clairvoyant viewing...and unattached to the information.

But NEWBIES tend to get EMOTIONALLY INVESTED in what they receive.

As you can imagine, this adds a lot of BIAS to information received.

And I'm not talking about the GOOD kind of bias, but the kind that distorts the information, often representing the desires and opinions and GUESSWORK of the READER- rather than the truth about the client.

I KNOW that you can relate to this in some way.

The Answer

The simple solution to this is...DON'T DO IT.

If you start feeling overly-interested and attached to what you're receiving while doing a reading, stop yourself and try one of the approaches I teach in my eBook, "Evolution".

My favorite is just to REMIND MYSELF and hold in mind that every clairvoyant movie or image I see with my Third Eye is JUST THAT - a movie or an image.

The MAIN reason that I do this is...

SURPRISE... because it's true and it works!

The fact is that MOST images and movies viewed clairvoyantly are NOT that important. If you do get dramatic or significant information about a client, the chances are that they are not going to act on it.

I know clairvoyants who have told clients that bad things would happen to them in the near future - only for these events NOT to happen. Failed clairvoyant or psychic predictions are all too common.

The moral of the story is that NOTHING is carved in stone, and, let's be honest; most subjects will not change their lives drastically because of what you tell them . They love getting readings because it's fun and interesting. The paranormal is freaky and fascinating.

You need to keep a healthy skepticism about EVERYTHING you see with your Third Eye - no matter HOW accurate you think you are.

When I'm using clairvoyance, I remind myself that the future is YET to be determined. I reflect on how OTHER things I've uncovered in the past ended up different from what I had seen. This helps me stay neutral with minimal bias, so I do not change or misinterpret the content.

Clairvoyant images always contain at least some information that is in symbolic or metaphorical form. It takes skill and experience to interpret visions accurately, separating actual events from abstract content.

Maintain healthy skepticism about EVERYTHING you see with your Third Eye- no matter HOW accurate you have been in the past. Even the best clairvoyants sometimes get it wrong; often with embarrassing consequences.

So always stay neutral and avoid investing emotions in every passing vision or psychic perception!

I didn't open my Third Eye and discover my clairvoyance wisdom overnight. I experimented over decades. I share plenty of ideas on HOW TO do this in my eBook, Evolution.

If you spend hours on "detached" clairvoyant viewing, enjoying yourself and generally developing an internal attitude that YOU COULD NOT CARE LESS what you see, you'll be FAR more likely to receive ACCURATE information.

You are the receiver and messenger, not the author.

It's like a Chinese finger trap. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to slip your fingers out. But if you're all worked up and "emotionally attached" then you'll make it harder to remove your fingers.

If you have already seen clairvoyant visions, you'll be familiar with the following scenario...

You see a stream of images, stills and movie content, in your mind's eye. Then the mist swirls and you start to recognize someone you care about and a 'potentially bad' situation starts appearing - say a loved one in a dangerous situation. Before it becomes clear, you feel a trickle of energy through your belly and it changes or vanishes.

This happens in a heartbeat. So fast that you'll fool yourself that it wasn't what you thought it was.

What you have just done is to get emotionally involved with the flow of your clairvoyant content. You have in effect SUBCONSCIOUSLY EDITED the content because you did not want to see it in the way it was starting to appear.

The real content, had you allowed it, might have contained important information that had nothing to do with your loved one being in a bad situation. If it was bad, this may have contained valuable alternatives. You second-guessed the content and subconsciously edited it before it became clear enough to identify.

Great opportunities to really help people are lost in this way.

Another note:

Most clairvoyants don't "get" this casual attitude.

Some believe that every image they get is "a gift from above". It doesn't dawn on them that some information is just random. And being so EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to their visions REDUCES their ability to get accurate information, not to mention ruining their credibility.

Clairvoyant visions and psychic perceptions are generated by energies received in the Third Eye. These energies are often random and therefore "random Mind's Eye content" is produced. Knowing the difference is wisdom.

This is where my eBook comes in...

In Evolutions, I teach everything from the ground up on how to take things from the beginning to the end... from how to tune into and harmonize the energy of your Third Eye... all the way to watching clairvoyant "movies" on your internal viewing screen.

You'll learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs about clairvoyance... how to eliminate your psychic "blindness"... how to give yourself 20/20 astral vision.

In other words, it's a complete system.

You'll learn everything you need to know in order to start seeing clairvoyant movies and imagery.

All the details are here... check it out: Evolution eBook

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