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Trigger an Astral Projection

I'd like to tell you a story that you might find strangely familiar.

Once upon a time, there was an aspiring spiritual practitioner who wanted very much to astral project.

The more she read about astral projection, the more she wanted to get out of body... and that desire grew into a deep emotional determination to explore the worlds beyond the physical.

But there was one problem.

As this emotional commitment grew stronger, she also grew more and more frustrated.


Because no matter how hard she tried to exit her physical body, she remained stuck inside it.

Sometimes she would try things like fasting all week long and filling her meditation space with magic incense and crystals to get her into the right state... but nothing ever progressed past the "visualization" stage.

Something was wrong with the picture.

She wasn't getting out of body at all, but sitting around visualizing colors and feeling hungry.

The frustration that she felt became a spiral that amplified... and the more frustrated she became, the more self-doubt filled her mind.

Plus, the more she doubted herself, the less time she seemed to spend practicing her astral projection.

So she made a sad decision.


After spending many days and nights feeling bad about astral projection, the woman finally arrived at the conclusion that if she quit trying, she could at least feel good that she gave it her best shot.

Reaching her breaking point, she quit trying to save what dignity she had left.

Feeling so bad inside that she was unable to achieve this simple goal, she couldn't bare putting herself through it anymore.

She stopped fasting, and bundled her incense up, put it in a bag, and hid it away in a drawer so that she'd forget all about it. Then, she took her books on astral projection, and buried them under a stack of old magazines.

But all of this only made her feel worse inside.

This left her asking...

Did it mean she was a failure at astral projection?

Did it mean she was less spiritual than everybody else who did succeed?

Did it mean that she would go her whole life thinking what could have been?

Did it mean she needed to stop being spiritual completely to stop feeling bad?

She decided that the only way to make the bad feeling go away would be to eliminate spirituality from her life in TOTALITY, so she'd never be reminded of her failure again.

She went to work during the day, watched TV, and went out on the weekends. She would occasionally catch herself day-dreaming of going out of body...

...but she never did.


OK, I'm back.

Heart warming, huh?

I know, I should stick to my day job and not take up writing fiction...

Now, let's talk about that story.

This story resonates at a deep level because you can IDENTIFY with it.


Because we've all been there in one way or another... and many of us have been there OFTEN in our lives.

In this particulate situation I think there is a solution, and it lies in understanding a secret that successful astral projectors know but BEGINNERS DON'T.

The secret is that if you can't ASTRAL PROJECT, all of your food-fasting, crystals, incense-burning, and chanting, can BACKFIRE.

In other words, they not only WON'T WORK, they actually make things WORSE, because they'll make you dependent on them or even prevent you from EVER having success!

You must get at least success with astral projection first, BEFORE you start experimenting with advanced tips and tricks.

The firsthand experience of having a real out of body experience for yourself is life-changing.

Pace yourself.

You might be thinking that getting out of body is something that doesn't come to you naturally. And that's ok, because you can actually learn it!

Take some time to invest in yourself and learn some basic ideas about how astral projection works, and how to astral project, and you'll see results.

In my Evolution eBook, I teach several techniques that you can use to make sure you get out of body to explore the astral planes. And I'm not talking about using incense and crystals, or sitting in strange yoga postures chanting foreign words... but learning a different approach.

Learn how to trigger the astral projection reflex through special trance inductions and tactile FEELING exit techniques that will help you separate from your body.

It took me a long time to figure this out. Most spiritual practitioners need to do the exact OPPOSITE of what they THINK they should do to succeed.

Find out the solutions in my eBook right here: Evolution eBook

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