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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

A real life encounter with a witch demon that almost killed me.

Witch Demons (my name for them) are a type of demon that looks exactly what medieval witches were supposed to look like. Long curved chin, large hooked nose, wrinkled skin, big facial warts, tall witches’ hats, black robes, cackling voices, cauldrons, etc. I have not found reference to this particular type of demon, even in magical books. But these beings exist nevertheless, keeping in mind that the world knows very little about the denizens of the greater spiritual reality. To listen to most spiritual-type people today, you’d think that the greater reality was something like a well-organised Swiss village. But, in truth, it is a lot more like the Wild West of old.

In my life, some people I have known, including some past girlfriends, have had most-peculiar phenomena around them involving what I call witch demons. Over the last 40 years of my life, I have encountered these beings many times. The following happened 30 years ago.

I arrived at John’s home near sundown. As I tried to get out of my car, a little zephyr slammed the door on my leg, almost as if to keep me in the car. I had arranged to meet him to give healing for a peculiar possession-related problem. Since that time, I have heard his story many times from other people. Rubbing my bruised leg, I held the door more-firmly and got out of my car and walked to the house. He was waiting and, after a cup of tea, we moved to his bedroom to do the healing.

Attending ritual meetings with satanic cults is fraught with danger.

John was about thirty, fit and happily married with a lovely wife and three small daughters. At the age of 17, however, he had become involved with a satanic group. He was recruited and attended several meetings, all involving alcohol, drugs, and sex with beautiful naked women. John took part in several rituals that involved reciting words he did not understand and drinking peculiar concoctions. He did not know it at the time, but in these ceremonies he was giving irrevocable permission and vows to the lodge and certain demons. These are the types of oaths that cannot easily be undone. At some point, John had a bad experience, got scared and ran. He never returned to the lodge and his family moved out of the area soon after. But this lodge never forgot him. John became plagued with nightmares, hearing demonic voices, and other phenomena. He had survived this alone for many years, but it was now spilling over and affecting his children. His house had become haunted and he did not know what to do.

I also barely knew what to do at the time. This was about a year before my fated initiation into the realities of demonic possession. At this time, I could barely relate to possession, as I lacked any personal experience with it. I considered people with possession and neg spirit problems to be mentally ill, and based my healing efforts on that.

How a simple act of healings can sometimes go terribly wrong.

We walked into the bedroom and set up two chairs, one side-on to the other. I asked him to sit and relax while I prepared myself by inducing an altered (trance) state. After about a minute, John gasped and I opened my eyes. John was rigid and before my eyes transfigured into a witch demon. This was not a clairvoyant observation. I could have filmed this on a regular camera. A thick green mist came out of John’s body and suffused his face and hands. In seconds, his face transformed into that of a witch, and his hands transformed into clawed talons. It was like something out of a horror movie. It looked at me and screamed as it launched itself upon me in a powerful physical attack. It locked its hands around my throat before I had time to react, cackling and babbling all the way. I was, at the time, a large and very strong man, 5ft11in and about 200lbs. But I could not budge its hands, no matter how hard I tried. It was then that I realized why modern Catholic exorcists inside on having several large men available during an exorcism. This can get extremely physical and dangerous.

I would have needed several strong men to subdue the witch demon.

An idea dropped into my mind, curtesy of my higher self, and I just acted. Being a lifelong diver, I had excellent control over my breathing. Moving with slow and deliberate actions to conserve oxygen, I stood and pulled John close. I backed up to the bed and fell back on it, pulling him on top of me. Then I adjusted myself so I was laying straight on the edge, and then rolled off, holding John close so my body landed on top of John when we hit the floor. He was a lightweight and it worked, knocking the wind out of him. Before it could recover, I put John into a headlock and wrapped my legs around him. Feeling my higher self very close, I quickly fell back into an altered state and incredible, breathtaking healing energy flowed through me. The thing in John fought, screaming and cackling, but then it suddenly stopped and went limp. John fell asleep like a baby and I continued until the energy stopped flowing. I then picked him up and put him into his bed, like I was putting one of my own children to bed.

You sometimes hear about people going mad and killing their entire families. Maybe demonic possession is more common than we think? It is just not recognised for what it really is.

John slept for four days and nights. His wife and mine were friends and I got updates several times a day. I told them to just let him sleep. John’s wife was giving him fluids and trying to get him to eat. He would half-awaken, gulp some water and go back to sleep. After his big sleep, John’s neg problems were almost gone. He stopped hearing demonic growling voices, his daughters slept better, and his house felt a whole lot better. He still had some minor poltergeist activity, but nothing like what he had before. Unfortunately, John liked his drink and drugs too much and often kept rough company. If he had cleaned up his act a bit, I think his problems would have been completely resolved.

This event was absolutely horrific and I could easily have been killed. I wish I had known some of the countermeasures given in my book: The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook, and my video program, Defense Against Dark Arts. That would have made things a whole lot easier.

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