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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dreams I finally think I am starting to understand my inner fears...

The dream was like this...there was a pitbull and in the first dream I was afraid as usual...but then something changed and when the pitbull neared me I did feel it´s inner intention what was nothing but good...and the pitbull come and cuddled with me and gave me the opportunity to handle my control my inner fear...and to breath into my is not yet totally passed but I had an oppotunity to feel how it should be...

In this episode I was talking to a very old colored women...she had made some sort of chart...of future happenings...she did not tell me what will happen but she had write down dates and names....

In this episode was a old colored man and he predicted future catastrophs..this made me so angry and I said with firm voice...better call the dogs back in...that we all can die together...(what is new for me in this dream is that I could feel anger...I have before acted or spoken angry but I have not felt my anger in the something is sure happening in my inner to change in the depts.)


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