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IA's Dream Diary

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Astral Projection

In last night dream I was asked to come to a laborotory to participate in some tests...I came to the building where the laboratories was...I took an elevator with few others and I asked where is the test laboratory...I got help into a place and was told some will come and get me...I was in a waiting room ...I could see into a place with people was a glas door...long time have elapsed and I looked at the floor ..I see several blue pills...I bend down to touch it...and it was an halusination...I started to laugh...I looked on the wall and first I thought it was some standing there it was also an halusination...when I knew this it stopped....soon I knocked on the glas door and pointed to open the door so I can leave...and they opened the door...when I was out I was thinking...if I was tested in this way without them telling me I was tested....I think so...


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