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IA's Dream Diary

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In last night dream I was not succeeding to take the train nor the bus...when I went to the train station the bus went...and vice in the end I went to the train tracks and one train was standing there and I knew it will go back to the central station I spoke the man driving the train...and he come out of the train and given me a stack of money...and he gave me the feeling that I am trying to free I said and gave back the money and said if you want me to buy a ticket I have money...and I started to walk to the ticket place...but he left I saw a girl and I asked if she has a friend with a car who can drive me to the central station ..I will she call a friend and she come...the car was total disaster...full packed with stuff and bearly anywhere to sit...the girl sat infront of the driver...and the windschield was blocked by a pillow...I can not drive this have no clear visual...I awake myself here...


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