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Take advantage of Robert Bruce's 40+ years of success with spiritual evolution, and psychic abilities. Learn everything you need to totally transform your life, no matter who you are or where you're from.

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Evolution eBook

Learn the foundation of Robert Bruce's teachings. Exact steps and specific directions to help you be more successful with spirituality and your psychic abilities - and you don't have to be born "genetically gifted" to do it. This is the first key step on your journey to Enlightenment.

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Personal Consultations With Robert

Get the ultimate spiritual guidance, and dramatically increase your personal success. Receive powerful help with your energy healing, psychic self-defense, and astral projection in your one-to-one video consultation with the true master, Robert himself.

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Interviews With Spiritual Gurus

Watch Robert interview mystics who are the world's BEST at spiritual evolution - and gets them to "spill the beans" on their closely-guarded psychic secrets. Best of all, you get a brand new interview every month.

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Astral Projection Mastery

New breakthrough discoveries in science and psychology help you eliminate nervous anxiety and self-doubt, so you can exit your physical body with ease. Transform into a confident astral projector who can explore the Spirit Worlds, visit deceased loved ones in the Afterlife, and study the Akashic Records - this program will show you how.

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Manifestation And Healing

Learn how to use the powerful combination of sacred affirmations, deep energy work, and The Law of Attraction to not only manifest health and wellness... but also create the life of your DREAMS. It's time to eliminate dis-ease forever and finally BE HAPPY.

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Raising Kundalini

How to transform your energy body, turbocharge your chakras, and activate your kundalini for INSTANT clairvoyance, enlightenment and possibly immortality... Introducing humanity's FIRST official guide to raising kundalini safely... and ANYONE can do it.

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