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Becoming More Enlightened and Spiritually Aware

If you've spent any time around the NewAge spiritual community, or Eastern spiritual systems, then you've seen the terms Enlightenment and Illumination tossed around a lot. Have you ever wondered what this means definitively, or wanted to know how you can attain it? If so, then you're not alone. Many people wish to know the answer, but it eludes them. They are confused by it and frustrated. The harder they try to get it, the further it moves away from them. It's like a Chinese finger trap.

To help attain the Big E (enlightenment), take these three steps:

Step 1: Stop chasing it and obsessing.

The average spiritual practitioner is too "Western" in their approach. They think they need to hunt down Enlightenment, and trap it, so they can finally "own it". They don't realize that the more they want it, the less chances they have of getting it.

Instead, allow yourself to understand it and recognize it as the ultimate underlying goal, and then FORGET ABOUT IT. Let your emotions and mind focus on your day-to-day accomplishments and spiritual practice. If only you meditated as hard as you obsessed over the abstract goal of "enlightenment".

Step 2: Get out of your head and into your feelings.

What is a day in your spiritual life like?

If you're always living in your head, you are probably over-intellectualizing the whole "spiritual" thing. Are you constantly trying to map, and model, and know every detail of every facet of existence? Do you believe you need to know every academic fact and trivia bout it before you can even let yourself rest?

When you stop analyzing and intellectualizing everything, you'll finally FEEL your way into using your intuitive psychic abilities and you'll draw closer to enlightenment.

Your Higher Self is a big part of YOU. All knowledge and wisdom already exist within YOU.

"Intellectualism is good for a foundational understanding of spirituality, but it kills your chances of becoming psychic and living through your Inner Guidance System."

Step 3: Lean back, chill out, and enjoy the ride.

Learn to just relax, and let go of your fears and worries, because they do nothing in the way of helping you to achieve anything. The most successful spiritual people I know are ALSO the most laid back people in the world. How is this so?

The more you're able to just "let the good times roll" the more easygoing your life becomes. The fastest route to enlightenment involves you letting your natural intuitive instincts guide you.

And you can ONLY follow the Inner Guidance of your Higher Self and instincts when you are calm and collected enough to LET them lead you.

In my eBook, I tell the story of how I did this - how I finally opened my eyes and started SEEING the presence and actions of my Higher Self in my normal waking life. You'll learn how to change the way you think about spirituality and the role of your Higher Self in your life. I'll teach you how to connect with it intimately, and draw its influence into your decision-making and everyday lifestyle.

I'll show you how to literally reverse the damage from years of doing it wrong as a spiritual person who spent too much time looking OUTSIDE rather than INSIDE.

You will read how doing less can attract more attention and action from your Higher Self. It's amazing, and it works. Read all about it and try my Tools when you click here to download my eBook and be reading it in minutes: Evolution eBook

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