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The Great Shortcut

The nearest thing by way of a shortcut for anything, including achieving OBE, Raising Kundalini, and even Psychic Self Defense, involves intensive spoken affirmations

Verbal affirmations are much stronger than silent ones. This is because the spoken word activates the Throat Chakra, which projects your words onto the astral level. Your higher self is more receptive and proactive on the astral level. This is how it works. Once an affirmation is clearly received by higher self, changes begin that will manifest the ‘wish’. . .

You will hear me speak of affirmations many times. This is because they are the most powerful tool we have.

I will say that again. “Spoken affirmations are THE most powerful tool we have.”

However, most people hear the word ‘affirmations’ and shrug, and maybe do a few affirmations, and then continue without them, or constantly forget to do them. This is normal. I used to be the same.

It may be many years before it finally sinks in that affirmations are the most powerful tool you have. It is my job as a spiritual teacher to make this come sooner.

I did the same. I could not clearly understand how affirmations worked, so I rarely did any affirmations. Boring, too busy, keep forgetting…can’t see the point of it…etc.

Then a couple of years ago I was put in a life or death situation (my own) where I had no option but to rely on affirmations and ‘bee following’. This changed my life. Let me change yours…..

My fuel gauge still works perfectly:)

There is a formula….. Time and energy put into an affirmation = speed and power of manifestation. The only variables are your subconscious and your beliefs, your programming, which form resistance to the affirmation content and process.

Disbelief is powerful. This is why it is unwise to tell others that you are trying to manifest something. Their disbelief can easily overwhelm your efforts and negate the manifestation process.

Internal resistance manifests as a feeling of tension in the stomach and chest. As affirmations are spoken feelings of disagreement and disbelief appear in your body and mind.

Only personal experience will shift this feeling. But until you have enough of this to do the job and overcome this, act the part, walk the talk, and fake it till you make it.

A big part of my job as a teacher and healer is to inspire everyone to use affirmations on a daily basis.

How much time and energy should be put into affirmations?

How badly do you want it?

I have seen absolute miracles occur for those who have thrown themselves into the affirmation process with gusto, and given it the time and energy required for rapid success. This includes healing themselves of incurable medical conditions in just a few days.

All wise spiritual teachers say exactly the same thing and always have.

“if you believe in a thing as if it were already so, then so it will be”

This applies to self-healing, money, love, and to OBE and other psychic abilities. It also applies to psychic self-defence.

Let me tell you a story… Some years ago, while on tour, I visited with a very experienced spiritual teacher and healer in Provo, Utah. After 30 years of hard work in this area, she confided in me that she longed to see the human aura, so she could better understand and help her patients.

I inspired this teacher to use affirmations for this. I convinced her and she worked hard, spending most of each night praying and affirming, rather than sleeping. Two days later we were having our dawn coffee on her front porch and she gasped and almost dropped her coffee. “I can see your aura, she exclaimed!”

I calculate that this lady put in about 16 hours of intensive affirmation and prayer. This = the beginnings of spontaneous clairvoyance on the aura level.

This process continues and this lady is becoming progressively more and more visually clairvoyant.

Everyone has full psychic and spiritual abilities, but we all have varying degrees of shielding that block these things out.

We are physical beings and must live in the physical world. Such abilities would be a gross distraction from physical life, for the average persons, and hence they are blocked out by the higher self.

However, this shielding can be lifted, gently and very specifically, with the right effort and affirmations.

It is that simple. Believe and affirm and it will be so.

This is the manifestation process in a nutshell, and this is also the foundation of all magical systems. RB

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