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Understanding The Greater Reality

by Robert Bruce – 2018

It is difficult to understand nonphysical reality; spiritual beings and realms and related phenomena included. Because of the lack of experience-based quantifiable knowledge in this area, and the enormous amount of heartfelt religious beliefs, popular mythologies, rumors, and innumerable sources of subjective and fanciful information, real progress is exceedingly slow.

My approach takes the biblical saying ‘Test Your Spirits’ to a whole new level. I am never satisfied with the explanations I am given for spiritual matters until I can in some way test these for myself. It is particularly difficult to study negative spirits (negs), and spirits in general for that matter. We have libraries full of misinformation and disinformation. People either think they already know everything, based on religious beliefs, or books and movies or, typically, they just do not want to know. That said, some people have to deal with these things eventually, usually exorcists and priests and healers, and sometimes even parents. This is why I wrote my books and created my video programs, including The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook, and Defense against Dark Arts, with the latter due for release July 9th.

My understanding of the nonphysical, metaphysics and the supernatural, has come a long way since I started exploring The Greater Reality. I have made some progress, and even discovered some new things, because I followed some simple rules:

  1. To always be an open-minded skeptic.

  2. To stay grounded in my own personal experience.

  3. To stay in the question and avoid conclusions.

  4. To be kind and noncritical of others.

Navigating nonphysical territory is tricky, to say the least. Open-minded skepticism is a powerful tool that is fundamental to Scientific Method. It allows one to navigate the swamps of assumption and pseudo-evidence while searching for actual evidence. Personal experience is pure gold in this respect. If, for example, you have had some conscious out of body experiences and/or lucid dreams, then you can easily accept that these are real. Without any personal experience, however, you need to remain skeptical but open-minded until such time as enough personal experience is gained to connect you with the concept.

Empirical evidence in the non-physical is not the same as in the scientific world, but the principle still applies. There is much to be gained from studying the works of other explorers that have come before us. There is a great deal of information available today, but the main difficulty is in sorting the wheat from the chaff, from separating experience-based evidence from the delusional and fanciful. Being an open-minded skeptic also does not mean you can naysay everyone that disagrees with you. You must always stay open to exploring new ideas, no matter how strange they might appear on the surface.

Care must be taken, again, to always stay in the question and not to come to easy conclusions, regardless of the evidence at hand. This is a state of mind. Staying in the question keeps you receptive to new information and inspirational ideas, and to new interpretations of what is known. Making a conclusion means you are closing the door on new information. It is a done deal. A fact. But considering that the human race, in general, probably knows one-percent of the truth concerning the Great Spiritual Reality, coming to hard conclusions is very counterproductive. Most available information points to numerous rabbit holes, and some of them are very deep. The world’s general beliefs of today can be likened to some that were held in high regard hundreds of years ago, like how the world was once believed to be flat, and that the Sun orbited the Earth. All were logical assumptions based on valid observations at the time. But all were completely wrong, of course. Scientific method was developed as a way to make sense of the physical universe. We need to adopt similar principles concerning the exploration of the nonphysical.

Personal experience helps provide a more reliable perspective, rather than relying on the subjective observations of others. If you don’t have any experience, then staying open-minded and in the question is the best approach.

I was instructed to do this by a master, about twenty-five years ago. (I give full details in my blog post entitled The Catch Basket Concept

The master materialized and gave me instruction on what is called, The Way Of The Master, which is rooted in personal experience. The ultimate goal of this approach is to gain access to the infinite knowledge of the universe, to which all living beings are connected. This is achieved by reorganizing beliefs into three areas: Real, Probable, and Possible. The fourth level is the trash.

It is not easy to purge heartfelt and heavily-programmed beliefs and things that are commonly accepted as being true. But it can be done. Ideas and beliefs that are not experience-based are, in my system, classed as Actually True, Probably True, of Possibly True. Everything is held in the question, even what is currently accepted as Actually True. As this discipline takes effect over time, a stronger flow of fresh ideas and downloads from the universal source of knowledge is nurtured. This works on all levels as what can be received is defined by one’s interest and intention.

Let me paint a word picture showing how this works. Image the average person’s beliefs generate triangular perceptual filters in his/her mind, but that true inspirational information and ideas are always spherical. Orbs of truth. Trying to force an orb through a hard triangle will destroy the orb. So the act of disciplining the mind to allow orbs through is to ground it in personal experience-based truth, to reshape it to allow it to accept orbs of truth.

This concept can be applied to all sources of nonphysical spiritual guidance, including what might come from helpful spirits. Human minds that are not openly-grounded in actual experience-based truth (triangular belief filters) are extremely resistant to subtle communications that might disagree with their existing beliefs. This limits what information can be received. For example, have you ever tried to have discussions with people that have totally different beliefs? By and large, such conversations must be simple, about food, weather, sports, etc., because meaningful communications, especially concerning spiritual matters, are impossible due to the different perspectives involved.

What I have described here in this article helps to solve an ancient mystery. I am sure you have heard philosophers speaking of how we are all connected to infinite knowledge; and in truth, we all are, because we are all part of universal consciousness. This is how we can gain access to this universal repository of knowledge. This works on any subject and level, including poetry, science, music, cooking, spirituality, medicine, gardening, magic, marketing, fiction, mathematics, art…anything. Whatever your intention and focus, related inspirational ideas will flow once you make the proverbial key fit its lock. And the more you realize how this works, the stronger the flow of ideas will become.

What I am talking about here also relates to the shamanistic nature of reality. Life, the universe, your higher self, God, the great spirit, your spirit guides, whatever you want to call it (IT does not care what name you use) is continually trying to guide you. But the human race has forgotten how to listen. It has forgotten how to hear and see and feel the signs, and it has lost the art of following the trail of breadcrumbs the universe leaves for us to follow; what I call Bee Following. I am rediscovering this lost art, based on my personal experience and logic, and everyone is welcome to join me on the path.

The secret to making progress is not through some wonderful technique, nor is there some exotic goal to be reached. There are of course countless of each.

To make a good start in the right direction, one has to start at the very beginning.

First, you need to understand what you are, to find your current place in the universe.

It is not so much about where you can go, what you can do, and what you can become.

I thought on this for many years and finally got an answer.


I am.

I am an animal.

I am first and foremost an animal.

You need to meditate on this to fully understand this and its implications before you leap in any direction. From this will come your beginning… which will form a solid foundation beneath you that is absolutely real.

And meditate some more on what this tells you?

peace, robert

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