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Last day of the month and the last day of the week. I haven't long before I need to begin my commute to work. It makes me a little sad that I'll be leaving the house a solid hour earlier in a few weeks. Right now is early enough!


I managed to talk myself out of one charge during my court appearance and pled guilty to the other for a deferred sentence; I've got 60 days to do some counselling, get a report or two, at least make some efforts. I've already done so much, but I did see there are some family options also, which should allow me to gain something useful from it.


It has been a good week, I've gone to the gym each day and have been active with work during the week. I feel accomplished and like I'm building things up again. My children will come for a visit this weekend too. I'll be tired if I don't get my rest, so I'll be sure to make an effort to go to bed early and not stay up too late playing video games or watching television.


I've been considering my position on the separation my wife is requesting and have considered that if I gave her the house it would not obligate her to stay in it, and she could easily sell it and move away. I might need to reconsider that idea, since if I had no money at all from the separation I'd be left with no home and no safe place for them to live with me.


I need to think about what is best for the kids and myself. I can't be thinking about appearances or what she is going to say. I need to be hard about getting what is my right in an effort to settle myself in a good life. A life with my kids and enough space to keep them; that means two bedroom minimum. In my city a two bedroom is going to be in excess of 3000 dollars, which would price me out if I need to pay support. I'll need to own my home to afford it, which means I'll need a down payment.


I hate to leave her moving to a smaller place and needing to compete for a place to live, but I shouldn't be edged out of my children's live for lack of a place to live. I can't let myself become homeless and loose out on their childhood.


Just morning thoughts. I need to get on to my workday.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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