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Tired this morning, My sleep was a little cut up; I'm not used to being back on nights and I slept through my hair appointment. Ah well, next week I can look manicured again.


I'm trying to make room today for the people that matter, who I want to include today. That includes one friend for likely a dinner and another for a walk. I hope I can fit them both in, but I may need to choose…


Making choices like this can be hard, on both sides you risk hurting the other person and maybe more than that, causing yourself the worry or anxiety associated with that. We've all got a life to live and press onwards through.


I've been busy in my real world, which is always a bit of a drag compared to that special place we all can enjoy inside; but the need to be externalized has been forced upon me. I had to deal with meetings with CMHA, lawyers, and a plethora of other distractions and interests.


I'd missed a few opportunities to write because of dating and relating too, which is always nice. I'll need to bring myself back to form here; and continue doing what is really important to me.


My back is trashed today, I think I threw it out yesterday somehow when I was grabbing a pizza out of my van, weird right? I had visited my friend Craig to catch up and have a hot tub, but the weather was a little sour. I brought the girl I'm dating along too, she's got a lot of interesting…


I've only just started my day, but I think I've started it right. I have met someone new. I think special? I'm trying not to get a head of myself but I can tell there is mutual interest. I haven't had a lot of that recently. What's really strange, is that connecting with her has elevated my connectivity with others also? I'm a bit more affectionate and engaging with my mother, laughing more with my dad. It's just a general uplifting feeling of simple betterment.


I have been trying to reach out using online dating sites to look for singles in my area. I'm just reaching out using my writing and trying to find people to relate with. I had been doing well connecting with old friends and even an old flame or two, but I could tell it was a little more politeness in those interactions that genuine…

Jun 10

I think the best way is to trust yourself and give some credit for all what you already have noticed what has bean wrong and you do your best to correct the wrongs...and let others love you for who you are...a honest, sensitive wonderful man.


Worry is like a cloud of flies sometimes. It seems so today. I have nobody to blame but myself, however.


I believe I'm feeling too good for my own safety. I've become too free with my words and am offering too much too soon. I worry that I am pushing the limits of social normalcy and making myself appear ignorant or even creepy.


You see, I started chatting with a lovely woman. We've yet to meet, but we've talked a few times on the phone and it has gone well! I'm worried however that my messages are too much. I can't help but worry my long winded admissions and descriptions of my thoughts and feelings have her regretting her choice to trust me with her identity and inbox.




We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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