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Early morning; Got a party today. I think it will go well. I'm doing my best to not get myself lost into my own stuff today.

Had a nice dinner yesterday even with my reservations about going out. I was pleased with our seating because it isolated me and created a good venue for us to sit and be quiet.

Cali's sister Cass talked to me about her own experiences a bit and her own energy work which includes some native American practices like smudging and offering tobacco.

I've got a little crush on my neighbour, we were chatting after I dropped off our kids at the bus stop. Technically her sister's kid, but we've met before. Normally we don't chat too much, but we hit it off about books and she has written a children's book and a colouring book. I was so interested and we both hit it off so well. Lately I've been so starved for attention, with my recent bout of Covid-19 isolation and then the kids going to my mother's for a few days... I've been so caught up with nothing and everything.

We just had some coffee and chatted until around lunch!

As always I'm sure I overstayed my welcome. It is hard to really know where things are when it comes to people pleasers. I am one myself, and I tend to have a recognition of those 'no without being a…

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We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since we all end up at the same place in the end, we might be starting somewhere different. Here you'll find the writings of myself, a middle aged man with all the issues. How can we struggle against what overwhelms and still find a way to carve out spirit and growth? I don't know, but perhaps in a few years, we all might be able to connect a few more dots together. I welcome you to read or comment as you like. This could be your spot too.

I'm fasting today. I was told that by fasting I can potentially unlock some of the toxins that are hiding within the deep fat of my body. By putting myself into a state of ketosis, I can begin to burn fat which has accumulated in my body and as they break down for energy, the toxins which were trapped in there becomes loose again and can be cleaned by my liver and kidneys.

As a little bonus, since I'm not digesting anything, the other organs get a chance to catch up on whatever backlog of purifying they ned to do with additional energy available from not needing to digest.

So many practices from the past point to fasting as a good way to purify our bodies. Ritualized and incorporated into religion, it shows up time and time again used in assistance to vision quests by the natives, walk-about by aborigines,…


Well and truly into second winter now; We received a lot of snow yesterday which has buried us. It is a good thing I am feeling a bit better, however that means I should probably clear out the driveway at some point.

I got upset at my one son this morning. He was hands on with his brother and when he was told to stop he said that his brother deserved it. After which my other son replied that he didn't deserve it, to which my first son said in fact, he did.

Now I suffer from terrible self talk which involves these very words; I laid him out verbally from the basement, since I am still isolating. It just resonated so hard at me.



We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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