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Now is normally the time during the week I walk my kids to the bus stop, they are being resistant; it amuses me how things become 'no fair' so quickly as time crunches.

We made off well enough, and I filled an hour with some cleaning. We hope to have a party here in a few days and I am really going to try and make it special. I'm not much of a social person these days. The last party I really organized had multiple kegs, so doing something smaller for children isn't really in my wheelhouse.

My back is ruined today. Last week I skipped my Thursday martial arts class since I was so sick the day before. Tonight I need to make a point of not missing again because it really does me dirty when I don't keep on top of the work.

I sense that is true for many others too. Maybe not relating to back pain specifically, but any intention or effort. It becomes permutated and out of shape if you don't reinforce and guide the vision along each day with familiar routines and efforts.

Everyone can do one thing for themselves today so that tomorrow they are a bit better. Think about how prepared you are and how excellently you will tackle your challenges. You are doing so great today!

Good for you! Take that step and get started on what you think is best for your improvement today. Bring a friend! Bring two; you know what. bring the entire family.

Be good. ;p

Jesse Bruce


We all need to begin somewhere. I like to think that since w...


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