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Adam "chmuroN" Banasiak
Adam "chmuroN" Banasiak

Hello everyone, Today I would like to start journaling because I had a special day. I have been putting Robert the Bruce's books and knowledge into practice for 15 years. If it weren't for the stimulants, I would probably have learned the ability to look around the world with my eyes (this is Jesus' skill). But today it's not about that, it's about yesterday's special day, namely the concert of my favorite singer - Magda Bereda. This year I placed her on one of the two hippocampi to desire telepathy, but it was like Eve eating the apple from the Garden of Eden. The reason was simple - I hadn't seen her yet, so it made it very difficult for me (it made me sick and the voices woke me up in the morning). When I saw her at the concert yesterday, I could see her face all night long, and astral projection was a breeze! The concert was great and she often paid attention to me, I also took a photo with her, her mother and had a friendly high five at the end with a friend from her band. To put it bluntly - yes, telepathy is possible and in my opinion it is located in the hippocampus - the center of memory, learning, knowledge acquisition, so to sum up, one hippocampus is yours and one is hers. It's funny, when at the concert I heard phrases in my head like "turn around" when she looked at me, etc. Moreover, last year I was working on the availability of time, as we know, Cardinal Muller pointed to Christ holding his wrist at the number 33, hence the medium helping me, i.e. one black man and one white-skinned person who forms the letter "Q" and points it towards the appropriate time. Knowing the time, we can open ourselves to clairvoyance, planning or look into the timeline! :) I'd love to keep a journal here, if you're interested, let me know! Regards, Adam Bananas🎤 Btw. of course, dreaming all day long, her smiling face had plenty of dreams like "Cowboys" or being wherever we wanted!

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