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Jesse Bruce
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This was inspired in response to someone in this community. It helped them and, so, I would like to repost it here for better keeping so that it may also help others. Though it has been slightly edited, the following was channelled into words from the wellspring of my unconscious. Here it is...

For all things that this life has on offer, when reflected against the divine and profound things that we know to be within the soul, no material can compare. Despite this, as we grow, mistakenly attribute the profound for the real. This unfortunate consequence of our being is the cause of so much suffering. This process, however, is necessary to help us rediscover that which we have lost. Now, in effort to lay down some context, please bear with me while I go off on a little tangent...

Our soul is a most remarkable thing. Not only does it have the ability to assume any form, it can, through experience, understand and engage with that form through its own innate language. This is why we are so impressionable and versatile. I know this will likely be controversial (and certainly difficult to justify), but in respect to the source from which I am accessing this information from, it seems true to deduce that, regardless of whether we are new or returning, our souls are migrating from one spiritual form to another. So just as a seed carries with it all the instructions to grow, so too have we retained this knowledge and language of profound things so that we may traverse dimensions, intact, for the opportunity to exist here in this form. Our corporeal form is thus the host that, like a womb, allows us to grow our new spiritual bodies. But the flesh does not truly belong to us. We cohabit this flesh with the ancient animal of this realm, and just as we struggle with the differences between the masculine and feminine, so too do we struggle with the soul and the animal. However, it provides us with the contrast we need to observe and potentially embody the virtues of our time. This world, the animal, and all its material offerings, are thus intended to inspire or reawaken our knowing of profound things in the hope that it synthesises a new spiritual being born with the qualities of both realms. Now, back to the original intention of this post... With this understanding, just as a child must learn to wean, so too, as we grow into our new being, must we grieve to forgive and let go of the material forms that we have mistakenly assumed to spiritually be. This assumption is no one's fault - it is just the consequence of our soul and animal struggling to unify the paradoxical halves of what they know life to be. But, through wisdom, can we understand that our mother is not our divine mother, nor our father the divine father, and forgive ourselves and others for believing that they were anything greater; whether it be the daughter, the business venture, the super-star, the teacher, or the stranger, we can have compassion for those things as they too were fooled and mislead by the same misunderstanding. I say to you: Try and let be the material as material, the flesh the flesh, and the spiritual the spiritual. Try to pay attention instead, so to respect and appreciate more, when those things come together, move apart, and most importantly, the impressions that they leave upon us. For experience is the language of the soul, and thus serves as the only means we have to utilising its great power toward the rebuilding our new spiritual forms and reclaiming the pieces of home that we have lost. I wish you all well on your adventures. Stay true.

Adam "chmuroN" Banasiak
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